Would you buy a plug-in, rechargeable electric car for local travel if it were affordable?

If you’ve seen the documentary WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? you know that the the technology for a practical and reliable electric car is out there. Before you answer that it is a hoax, I know it’s true through my friend who’s and engineering physicist and has done quite a bit of research on the subject.


Not quite – I bought an electric moped because it’s more affordable than an electric car and works just as well. Not as comfortable in the winter, but that’s okay with me.

You are correct that we have the technology for practical and reliable electric cars. In fact, the Green Vehicles Triac was just released. It’s capable of 80 mph, 100 miles per charge, and costs just $20k. See the link below for details on a number of EVs available and in development.

I believe that GM spent somewhere around $200,000 building each EV, so they were hardly practical. Plug-in electrics are coming soon. Plug-in hybrids make just as much sense. You could use them as electrics most of the time, then use the small gas engine for long trips. Plug in hybrids and pure electrics will be available in 2010. See flytheroad.com for the vehicle I want to buy.

first of all, GM spent over a billion dollars on the EV-1 program then crushed the cars. secondly, I don’t believe the auto industry should be subsidized by tax payer dollars. the electric vehicle would work very well in the daily short trips made. I drive an electric vehicle and love it. I’m not supporting the greedy oil industry. indeed, I would buy a factory made electric. the one I drive is my own conversion.

No. I live 34 miles from work which means I would have to charge my car somewhere to come back home. I doubt that any company is willing to put up free charging stations in their parking lot.

That movie was completely biased, provided no actual information, and was created for no other reason than to bash something he didn’t understand.

Electric cars were not practical then and they aren’t now. The cars were leased at a huge loss to the company. They bashed GM for being the 1st and last company to build an EV while giving Toyota and Honda a free ride for putting even less effort into creating an EV. All 4 companies that made EV’s took them back and crushed them when the lease ran out. The costs are up to 5x the price of a similar gas powered car, have a limited range, expensive batteries that will need to be replaced several times over the life of your car at a cost of several thousand dollars each time.

Yes I would. Converting a car will be stupid. Its all about weight. Electric cars will have the right frame to put strenght where needed and save weight. the biggest gain a prius has is in weight savings to compenstae for the adde3d battery weight.

I personally have no interest in electric cars. But, I do believe Americans should have the right to choose to buy them. If they can be improved so that a drive from minneapolis to chicago doesn’t require 30 hours of charging time during the trip, then they’d be great. But I like the smell of oil when I’m buying a car.

Yep. Would be great for local travel.

Just give me 30 mile range without charging and a fast charger.


If it would work in the winter here why not. I have a feeling it will be a while before batteries get good enough to work in Canada.

Nope, live in rural area, no place to charge it (not on grid) and insufficient range OR capacity to be useful.

No.I’m converting my own truck to electric,much cheaper.

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