Worst thing that happened to Christianity:?

I’m non-Christian, but I believe that the worst thing that happened to Christianity was when Constantine converted. Don’t you agree?

Yes, the romanization of christianity effectively ended christianity.

What we have left is that version, and the rebellion of that version.

Both are opposed to the teachings of Christ.

The papists claiming to be… and the majority of the world believing them…

personally, I do not think Constantine ever became a True Christian… none of the leadership of The Roman catholic are.

The increased literacy levels in the population after the invention of the Guttenberg Press, is the worst thing that happened to christianity. If you like I can expound.

After thought:
Soccer I couldn’t find any references for Constantine forcing conversions.

You said a mouthful of truth. Constantine mixed a lot of paganism into the Christian faith, some of which is still practiced today.

Tie between these 4:

Charles Darwin
Sir Issac Newton
Michael Faraday
Galileo Galilei

The worst thing that ever happened to Christianity were the televised programs of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Their bigotry and hate speech have done tremendous damage.

Constantine and/or Paul…you have my support


That was overall a good thing. It propigated the Faith

The worst thing to happen to Christianity was TV

Why does this feel like the family feud?

Anyways, I say Science is the top answer??

Well I agree with you if you think Christianity is a bad thing, but reality is it’s downfall.

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