Worried about my little sister and brother?

My sister is 4 years old now….
since my mom got married i have had a funny feeling about the guy….
i’m not sure why- he just gives me that “vibe”…
i felt a little crazy for a while, .. i figured maybe i just got that vibe from him because i get so worried and i dont’ trust men easily…

ok if your really worried and scared tell someone. Tell your mother about it if she doesnt believe u dont stop there. Talk to someone you trust (wich it looks like youve already done). Maybe its not what it seems but from what you’ve said it doesnt look to good for your step dad right now… after you talk to your mother if she doesnt believe you Interview your siblings. Ask them somethiing like “so how do you and your daddy play together or what are some games daddy playswith you” because most likely if he is doing something sexually to them he will call it a game. if they comfirm your suspisions contact your local Dept. of Family and Children’s Services. But since you have been a victom of some (im guessing sexual abuse) it would be easier for u to point out. I have been sexually abused too and its horrible. Dont let it get that far with your sister and brother.

Do not listen to anything that your mom says. Call CPS and speak with them and tell a professional what your fears and concerns.

I’m sorry to say this but sometimes the mother of a molested child will purposely ignore the signs and sometimes even blame child. This stems from not wanting to lose their home which the violater is paying for.

If your step father is a pedophile the he will not stop offending until he is in jail.

Oh, i truly feel so sorry.
I couldn’t imagine being in your position, having to live with the doubts.
Although you have no proof, it all seems very suspiscious, please, for the children’s sake, inquire more. Try spying, when the kids are alone at home with the father. For instance, stand outside the house and listen to what is going inside the house, and if you hear “funny” sounds, then that gives you more lead. Goodness, uggghh, gross. I hope that man isn’t doing anything to those poor children, thats disgusting. There his sooo young. This is repulsive. Hopefully you figure this out. Good luck!

Here’s a very informative site:

I gotta say, though. Until your suspicions are clearly elucidated, you should know that you’re primed to look for these types of things since (I guess it was implied) you were abused.

That’s what makes these things so difficult. On the one hand, he might be a piece of scum. On the other hand, you have nothing firm to place your suspicions on.

I wish you luck.

I am so sorry you have to do this. That man is sickening. You should contact the police. It doesn’t matter if its a sure thing, jus tell them exactly what you wrote they are more than happy to help
What a disgusting man your siblings are lucky to have someone that can help
I really hope he gets locked up.

Contact your father (or your siblings’ father, if he is different) and your local Dept. of Family and Children’s Services. Tell them everything you wrote here. They’ll take it from there.

survey your brother and sister.
ask them, ” what does daddy do with you when you’re alone? ”
you should get a pretty good idea of what goes on from what they say.
if you get an answer that supplies proof,
ask them again in front of your mother.

Don’t let it continue one second longer. Contact police or social services, or psychologist. Let them know your suspicions. Do it now!!

Tell him you know how he feels, and just to stick through it. Then the next time your mom is yelling at him tell her to shut up! Stick up for him.

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