Why is 0bama still trying to ram his COMMUNIST Health Care take-over bill down our throats ?

Despite having large ears, he is incapable of hearing the majority of Americans who say NO

When confronted with that question, Boehner explained that he never said ALL the bills would be open, only some of them. (That was a really weird explanation.) But it’s irrelevant. Pelosi made the same promise. Most new speakers make similar claims. Then the time comes to govern and they find them impractical. Nobody who pays attention actually believed him. Besides, he doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to even get them to consider it and obviously the President would veto such a repeal anyway. If they tried to defund it, they would find themselves with a losing political battle (nobody wants an entitlement, once given, to be taken away) and with the law on the books, the funding would be restored later (if they succeed in cutting it to begin with) without the need for the tremendous debate we had the first time around. Long-term, Obama won the health-care fight. There’s plenty more to do, this reform doesn’t go nearly far enough (and I think given the congress he was working with, he could have done much better), but he made a significant step in the right direction that moves the ball on the argument down the line.

Oh yeah, because the American people seem so well educated and informed about what the details of his health care proposals were, the Republicans offered so much salient counter-advice, and we would NEVER embrace ANY sort of socialized medical plan. Get back to me when you can reconcile the following positions:

1) All senior citizens should be entitled to Medicare. We have to keep that government-run program alive to ensure a basic level of care to the elderly and infirm. It would be inhumane to rob them of such resources.

2) No socialized medical care!

* * *

I got the evidence I needed when Rush Limbaugh went through the most socialized health care system in the United States– one which is subjected to a standard of public regulation and socialization far above and beyond any President Obama and the Democratic Party have been proposing– and declared the hospital treated him just like everyone else, and he received excellent medical care as a result of their policies.

There’s your socialized health-care endorsement, folks. Rush Limbaugh made sure, without even being aware of the implication of his words, to let us all know whether you make thirty million dollars a year or you’re an average Joe, socialized medicine WORKS.

“Communist”? More like corporatist. To be clear, I’m no fan of this bill, but it’s because it is essentially a give away to insurance companies. We’d be forced to purchase private health insurance, but private insurance companies have no such mandate to provide coverage. Oh, look! 40 million new (forced) consumers! Insurance companies are salivating.


The basic elements of contemporary right-wing thought can be reduced to three: First, there has been the now-familiar sustained conspiracy, running over more than a generation, and reaching its climax in Roosevelt’s New Deal, to undermine free capitalism, to bring the economy under the direction of the federal government, and to pave the way for socialism or communism. A great many right-wingers would agree with Frank Chodorov, the author of The Income Tax: The Root of All Evil, that this campaign began with the passage of the income-tax amendment to the Constitution in 1913.
The second contention is that top government officialdom has been so infiltrated by Communists that American policy, at least since the days leading up to Pearl Harbor, has been dominated by men who were shrewdly and consistently selling out American national interests.
Finally, the country is infused with a network of Communist agents, just as in the old days it was infiltrated by Jesuit agents, so that the whole apparatus of education, religion, the press, and the mass media is engaged in a common effort to paralyze the resistance of loyal Americans.

-The Paranoid Style in American Politics

By Richard Hofstadter†
Harper’s Magazine, November 1964, pp. 77-86.

He does not care about what americans want. He talks as if the economy is better. What a joke. City after city are going bankrupt. California is bankrupt. So Obama wants the tax payer to pay for a HUGE healthcare program, we can not afford. Obama wants to ruin our country and have America renounce its sovernity and become socialist.

You just don’t get it, do you? You don’t know what communism is. You’re just taking talking points shouted at you from Fox News. It’s not a take-over, other liberals would be pleasuring themselves to this bill. We would love a single payer system, where government does control it. Right now, corporations control it, and if you get cancer, you hurt their bottom line. Behold, you’re dead. I really don’t understand why you would rather have corporations running your life rather than government trying to help. It doesn’t make sense. It’s self defeating, and it only proves that you have been brainwashed by corporate lies. It’s okay, it’s not your fault. You are a victim, and you should seek psychiatric care.

Believe it or not, there are some people in the US that are so ignorant of political ideology that they actually believe that Barack Obama is “a Communist.” Simply studying the nature of Obama/the Democratic Party and understanding Marxism-Leninism shows how wrong the right-wing’s smear campaign against both are. Nice try you lie and you fail.

it has become an obsession with this Administration. For that reason alone, I am getting more and more against it. I can see no rational reason for the controls he is suggesting and he seems totally obsessed with getting some form of health insurance control into the Governments hands. Why?
Until Why? is answered, my vote is no, loud and clear, no.

Because he doesn`t want us to know they forgot to do the math on the year long bill.It does not pencil out my friend and they wasted tax dollars just argueing about it for a year.Now he thinks we are so dumb we will go for it now.Vote the wasteful spenders out of office.

I suppose you think sweden, iceland, and other nordic nations are communist because they have universal health care, and universal college. There are many people that would argue that they are not communist.

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