Why do you think it is that people aren’t very willing to take recommendations?

So many people in this section often write huge lists of stuff for answers, but very few people listen to more than 3 recommendations off the list. Or one somebody asks a “what do you think of this band” question, it goes mostly ignored. Rarely over 5 answers if it’s a band most people haven’t…

I know this answer may make me sound stupid but I honestly have no idea how else to say it and it’s 2 AM so here we go haha… for me I will give all the links a listen, even if I think all of them are amazing though I most likely won’t regularly listen to all of them for the reason that there’s so much great music out there. A ton of music even on my computer gets ignored from time to time because of how many different great bands and genres there are today.

BQ: I feel bad cause you say you’ve been talking about this band for weeks but I’ve never heard them =P The first thought that came to mind when listening was “Wow, I really wish I was high right now” cause this is the type of music I especially LOVE when baked XD But enough stoner talk, I liked them a lot. I don’t think I could listen to them all the time and it would be something I have to be in the mood for but I could definitely see myself listening to more of them if they’re like that in other songs.

BQ2: I have to be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan. I felt like the singer had a good voice but wasn’t living to her (Girl singer, right?) potential in this song and was using her voice in ways that it shouldn’t be used. As for the rest of the music I felt like it was kind of boring in a way. Like, it sounded like they were trying to make it exciting but trying so hard that it actually had the reverse affect.

BQ3: I haven’t seen it although that doesn’t mean much.

There’s so much music out there that to most people it makes more sense to listen to stuff you’ll PROBABLY like first, rather than stuff you MIGHT like if given the chance. People gravitate towards what they know and love, and I think not many people here know and love tech doom.

A lot of people on here have school, work, families, friends, etc. etc. etc. How much time do you spend listening to your music library or Youtube favorites? How much time do you spend talking to people on Facebook or IM? What about playing games or reading up on your favorite band? Do you read news websites? Take a break and watch TV or call a friend for awhile? Answer in R&P? Research something for an essay? Got an annoying room mate? A nagging mother? We just can’t fit everything into the day!

I also think that when people are given a list of 20 bands with no explanation or links, they’re less likely to take them into consideration. What kind of band is exactly like 20 others? Either it’s boring (not likely considering you asked for recommendations in the first place) or the person just listed off bands that they like that probably aren’t too similar (example: asking for female fronted rock bands similar to Nightwish, receiving an answer that contains everything from Paramore to Eyes Set to Kill to Jack Off Jill). [Not YOU you Jerry, just in general you :p to whoever is reading this haha]

And also sometimes, even when nothing is going on, you just gotta be in the mood for it. I’ve had instances where I say “Man, I sure do love this band. I wonder if there’s any other awesome bands like them out there. Maybe R&P knows.” But getting a large list of bands (from fifteen people) sort of takes out the fun of it.

And sometimes we ARE just lazy, damnit! :p

Anyway whenever I answer a suggestion question, I try to keep it short but sweet – one or two, no more than five bands, one link per band, and maybe a little blurb on what my personal favorite song or album by them is. Nice question Jerry! I’ll give those links a listen, since you asked nicely and all heh, but I’ll have to edit in an hour or so. I have no idea where my headphones are. :/

I’m not sure. How exactly can you tell if someone only listens to a few reccs off the lists? I’ve never asked a recc. question but if I did I would definitely give all of them a try.

BQ: I’m only halfway through ‘How It Ends’ but it’s pretty good. I’ll probably see if I can’t find an album. They’ve definitely got an interesting idea going from what I’m hearing and reading on their wiki. Thanks for this.

BQ2: I’m not too sure about this one though. I like the drums but I’m not too keen on the genre as a whole. This is probably due to the vocals which are a bit grating to me (And not in a good way ala ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’ or Tom Waits)

The reason why people are reluctant to take recommendations for obscure bands is because they get stuff that sounds like DeVotchKa and Confessor (musically awesome, but the vocalist sounds like a cat in a trash compactor).

EDIT: When I’m trying to get people into a new band I don’t necessarily pick the songs that are my favorites to expose them to initially, I pick the ones that are the most accessible to a general audience. For example, if I’m introducing people to Deftones then I don’t start with songs like “Hexagram” or “Pink Maggit”, I start with “Be Quiet and Drive” or “Digital Bath” or “Minerva”. I don’t start with “Hooker With a Penis” or “Rosetta Stoned” for Tool simply because they’re not songs that will hook in newcomers. So maybe think about which songs you’re exposing people to when putting out a sample. Give people something that will make them WANT to branch out and hear more.

When I give recommendations, I have listened to all the bands on the list. If I ever asks for recommendations, I give them all a try if I’ve never heard of it.

For the “what do you think of this band” — I am usually too lazy to click and listen, especially if it’s a genre I don’t like, such as metal.

BQ: I was reluctant to overcome my laziness, but I checked it out. And it is totally the type of music I find myself listening to. Thanks for the reccomendation.

BQ2: Not my kind of music.

BQ3: not sure.

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There is too much other **** to do and listen to, we rarely set aside the time to listen to people’s “oh-so-personal” recommendations.

I have found we tend to attach ourselves more to the music we find ourselves than the music that other people recommend, because we feel like it is “our music”. I do think this is flawed though and think I have become less like this.

BQ: It is ok, a bit boring though. But I can see this being very “personal” music to someone as it is so “uber-romantic”. In a way, kind of like Arcade Fire meets The Cure… more ambient though. (Actually the second song is different, more ethnic, I might have to check them out after all.)

BQ2: Reminds me of Watchtower/Spiral Architect, but more “doomy” of course, and not as good (you could check those two bands out)

BQ3: Not to my knowledge.

There are too many recommendations and too many bands. Everyone has a favorite band and everyone wants people to hear them. I’m still backlogged on hearing 80’s metal albums that I haven’t heard before.

For me, it’s all about time. And the sheer amount of stuff out there that I haven’t heard. And priorities. And…. resistance to being given something that I haven’t asked for and simply don’t want to give the time to.

However… all that said, when I’m *looking* for something new, and put out some feelers, based on what I’ve noticed *said* in the past, I’ve just about always come away with something that sparks my interest and makes me want to explore more.

I Know, Right?

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