Why did God ban magic from this world?

And classified it as related to evil?

Wouldn’t it be great to see some real magical girls saving the world? Or to have a university of druids that helps to improve the wellbeing of humanity and ecology?

But no. Bible and Quran say both that magic is only bad, evil, wrong, etc. And holy power isn’t…

Those who truly *know* God know that She didn’t ban magic from this world. She is the abiding Spirit of *Pure*-hearted Magic!

Patriarchal priests did it — to eliminate their competition. They wrote their *own* words & put them into God’s mouth in the scriptures that they, themselves wrote, to buttress their own power-over-others.

There was magic — in the High Places — in the Rites of Asherah. Solomon’s Wisdom knew that magic.

“Goddess is alive & magic is afoot” continues to be the ongoing reality.

The magic of love — how wonderful!

& the magic of Spring!

There are *lots* of magical women doing all they can to help the condition of the world — to improve the wellbeing of humanity.


Evening Song

The low skirt of my Beloved
is brushing Her hem of evening
upon the upturned face of the day.

We who live in the bosom of Her
feel the benediction of this dusky grace
and turn towards ourselves
to find the light of wisdom
that will guide us through the night.

Again it is time
to place the soul of our peace
into the silent hands of Love
and to relinquish our own part
in the days’ envisioning of itself.
To draw close to the One God of Self
and be held in the sky of That
as the vessel of Her this.

Man is a quick flame
in an undying fire.
When we melt as the evening into night
carrying Her light,
our mortality blazes as the triumph
of a thousand heavens
born eternally as One Love.



Copyright March 20, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford

because the magician will not get what he want unless he obey the jinn or devil order and command like or sacrifice sheep for him or to idols of worship the devil or the jinn any thing take the believer from allah that why you see the magician are very dirty , the magician on tv are making trikes but there the real once are make the person sick mentally like he does like his wife or kids any more etc.magic is blasphemy

read this verse from quran

They followed the incantations that the devils used against the kingdom of Solomon. Solomon did not hide the truth but the devils did. They taught magic to the people and whatever was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut, in Babylon. The two angels did not teach anything to anyone without saying, “Our case is a temptation for the people, so do not hide the truth.” People learned something from the two angels that could cause discord between a man and his wife. However, they could harm no one except by the permission of God. In fact, the (people) learned things that would harm them and render them no benefit. They knew very well that one who engaged in witchcraft would have no reward in the life hereafter. Would that they had known that they had sold their souls for that which is vile! (102

you read too much Terry Brooks, Walker the Druid isn’t coming to earth any time soon to save us from the demons.

I have no aversion to magic, I love reading about it. But I’m just reading, it’s fictional. I know that Harry Potter isn’t going to take me to Hogwarts on his broomstick, but I still love to daydream.

And some people would argue that miracles are a form a magic. Maybe you’re just looking for the wrong kind of magic.

Yeah, I think it’s retarded too. That’s why I don’t follow the Bible. Maybe God is afraid people would see through him? There are some stories that say that god is actually a lesser god that was sent to look over this world for a larger, more powerful being. He didn’t like this, and tricked Adam and Eve into thinking he was super powerful- hence his getting angry over the whole fruit/snake thing.

Heh. Either way, it’s dull that most Christians run far far away at the mention of magick.

Because if men could work magic, then God becomes less vital.

So there’s certain… directives placed in the bible to attack any alternative potential caregivers before they can subjugate the power of Priests.

This also influences the religion’s view on Science and Medicine. Note they often feel it’s man encroaching on God’s territory, rather then having legitimate complaints about the practices.
Then it’s just a matter of cherry picking data to find views that support them.

There is to differentiate technology(taking advantage of the natural order), black magic(sorcery of impurity), and white magic(connection to G-d and purity influenced miracles usually done by a prophet.) from each other.
Black magic brings impurity and destruction into the world. No good can come out of it (although may have temporary gain). It is this such sorcery that is spoken of.

The commandment may seem easy to follow but after getting into and turning to meditation for whatever reason, it turns from a “I couldn’t transgress this even if I tried” to a big d’oh as well as a big dispute between which is black and which is white. Qi has always puzzled me which category it lands in.

The MAGIC banned by God is not the stuff we are entertained with, that is simply entertainment. The MAGIC that God condemns is that which would turn his flock away from Him, the work of satan. God can work miracles, satan will try to fool us with magic not for entertainment but to deliberately make the flock think he is from God.If there is no threat to ones salvation, magic is not forbidden. It is only when that magic is said to have come from God that it is wrong.

Don’t put your faith in fiction. Not unlike Joe Dirt, the Bible encourages you to “keep on keeping on”, ensuring it’ll all work out eventually. God’s existence aside, it’s a better philosophy than relying on magic spells.

God did not outlaw magic. Magic people just went out of business when Renaissance scientists discovered how much they can learn and shape our world with the help of science.

It still exists, but he is against it since it comes from powers that aren’t of the Heavenly realm of the spiritual world. Sounds crazy, but hey, if you are open to magic, at least try to be open minded in other ways as well.

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