Why can’t I gain weight? I’m frustrated and i’ve tried everything!?

I’m seriously worried about this and I feel as though no one is taking me seriously! Doctors, parents, no one! Last time I weighed myself (which I do not do often) I weight 108. I have never gone over 115, and i’m 5’9. I’ve tried every trick, every wives tale, eating more protien, eating ice cream…

I used to have the same problem. I was six foot and only weighed 125. I ate and ate and ate all I could but nothing would ever work. None of my clothes fit, I would go the store and buy the tightest pants I could find for men but they would just fall off. I couldn’t even wear my girlfriends pants. Everyone will call me anorexic, and I was constantly being made fun of. I don’t know what the hell happened, but one day this super high fast metabolism I had just stopped all of a sudden and I gained a mass amount of weight in such a short time. So the only thing I can tell you is that it will catch up to you in time. But during for now, try eating a protein shake. Go to the store, buy the the protein powder with the most protein, get a blender, put two scoops in it, 6 oz of whole milk, 2 cartons of yogurts, 2 or 3 eggs, 4 scoops of peanut butter, and BAM! A nice healthy protein shake at your disposal. It will take time to put on weight but after a month you should see results.

ok, to do it HEALTHILY, you need to eat more proteins and carbs, you need to increase your diet by 500 calories atleast, and eat that much more every day. You can only healthily gain 1-2 pounds a WEEK. Most peoples problem is quiting too soon.

If 500 isnt a high enough increase, go up by 1000. If you dont know how, track the amount of calories you take in per day for a week, find the average, and add 500 to that number, thats how many calories a day you should eat per day

avoid sugars as it increases your metabolism, and isnt healthy anyway.

also weight training will help, but it will take weeks, atleas 6-8, untill you notice a difference, so stick with it.

I have the same problem! I tend to eat so much but I never gain a pound! Some people actually get jealous of me whihc I think is pretty stupid because who seriously wants to be a skinny twig? It also bothers the heck out of me when some people call me anorexic or whatever. Anywyas, you and I both have high metabolism. Our food digest things quicker than others so the food doesn’t get to go where it should go. Just eat food with carbs and proteins and such.

I’d say look into a personal trainer combined with eating more protein. Expect it to take several months before even beginning to notice a difference. Also don’t expect yourself to ever be as ‘filled out’ as others without being overweight.

My mother was like that: 95 lbs after having had two children! There’s just something about the metabolism that is really high. Watch out, though, for when your metabolism starts to change: my mother didn’t adjust her diet and loved food so much she has spent the past 20 years overweight.

I’ve realized that some people eat alot but still don’t gain much weight as average person do. It’s weird isn’t it? Then gaining weight becomes their problem.
All I can hope is that you eat alot. Just a little bit more than how much you eat usually. Don’t move on to McDonalds or anything-it might be more healthy for you this way right now.

Overweight and underweight conditions are thought by some to be caused by imbalance of intestinal flora. Sometimes from taking Antibiotics, anti-fungal medications.

Maybe try Probiotics (try acidophilus and bifidobacterium – medical strength. Search for example ‘Inner Health Plus’). These are harmless and aid with full digestion of the food we eat.

Please research first, but they have helped me clearly with a severe digestion problem and have no side effects. So at worst you just waste a bit of money.

The others advice about carbs, protein etc… seem spot on. If you exceed (and digest) the calories your body requires to function. You will put on weight according to what I’ve read.

Anyway, as people age, they often seem to gain weight.

Finally, I’ve been both excessively skinny, and quite fat during my life. And no offence to anyone. But fat sucks compared to skinny. I felt much better being skinny.

Does your boyfriend mind?

I would suggest you get a second opinion since your current doctor is not listening to you. A good doctor would want to run blood tests to find out why you have unexplained weight loss. According to Web MD Body Mass Index Calculator, you are under weight. I also used their symptom checker and unintentional weight loss could be Diabetes, a thyroid problem or a number of other things. It may be nothing but you don’t want to take that risk.

Here’s the deal- you’re not giving your body what it really needs. By eating crap your body’s metabolism kicks into hyper drive. There are products out there that can help and I’ll tell you about one. It consists of 13 servings of fruits and veggies and your entire days worth of protein. Instead of increasing the fatty nasty foods you eat…eat thoughtfully. Lots of fruit, lots of veggies and you will be giving your body what it needs to provide balance. The product I use is drorganics.com/healthforlife. I actually use the metabolism booster for weight loss but my best friend uses the fruits, veggies, and protein to gain weight. Cool huh? Check it out.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to go with that..just in general try eating healthy foods and foods rich in protein and fatty acids.

I am almost 6 feet tall and I am a twig, always have been. Its a high metabolism and that is just how you are made 🙂 However, instead of taking your nutrition choices in your own hands consult an actual Nutritionist and see what they can do for you.

i don’t know how old you are so this may not work for you if you are under 21, but i always heard that beer and mashed potatoes works well. not mixed together. not even eaten at the same time. that would be gross. pizza or any pasta seemed to work well on most of my relatives. it must be the starch. good luck.

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