Who would win these Matches?

Welcome to Havoc’s Second Show, we have just had Backlash and The Champions have been Crowned. Chris Jericho is the first person to hold The World Championship after beating HBK and Cena holds The IC Title after beating Kozlov and our first Cruiserweight Champion is Rey Mysterio. Last week on Havoc we crowned…

CWE Havoc
Winners & Rating 8/10

Match 1
During the brawl both teams stands at last but in the last Cade & Murdoch survives with hitting a Sweet & Sour on Jesse after the match Priceless enters the ring & starts a brawl with Cade & Murdoch but again Murdoch throws DiBiase out from the ring & in the ring as Rhodes tries to beat Murdoch he recieves a Diving Bulldog as Cade takes no time & hits a Diving Elbow Drop on Rhodes as DiBiase watches from the ringside

Promo 1
Chase Chance

Match 2
Noble tries to humiliate London but Paul London gets his revenge on Noble with defeating him after a 450° Splash & becomes the no.1 contender after the match he gets a mic & invites Brian Kendrick to the ring as both men celebrates London’s win in the ring

Match 3
After a serious encounter with Mysterio hitting a 619 on Cena & then tries to send a Springboard Splash he gets shocked as Cena catches him in the air & takes no time & gives him a taste of Attitude Adjustment 1.2.3 after the match both men had a hug & Cena congrates Mysterio on giving him a tough contest

Promo 2
Irish Shot

Match 4
In the brawl of strength Umaga wins the bout via Countout with Kozlov comes on the entrance ramp & Khali gets distracted after the match Kozlov attacks him with a steel chair & then leaves him down as Khali looks too furious

Promo 3
Main-Event Encounter

After a long battle HBK sends a smashing Sweet Chin Music to RVD & then Big Show finishes it with giving him a Chokeslam & eliminates RVD from the chase as after the match HBK had a confrontation with Big Show as Edge leaves the ring & HBK tries to hit another Sweet Chin Music but Show blocks his leg & hits another Chokeslam as he leaves the ring with pleasure & a message for HBK

WQ: Rhodes & DiBiase vs Colon’s (WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)

Thurlow(TWE) has suggested me to look forward to CWE & he told me that CWE is interesting & i have to agree that CWE seems to be the next best show on Yahoo Answers as it is very much similar to TWE

Match 1) Cade and Murdock
Match 2) Paul London
Match 3) John Cena
Match 4) Big Show Gets Eliminated

WQ: Id love to see rey mysterio vs john morrison for the intercontinental championship, that would be a great match

Jesse and Festus vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Winners: Jesse and Festus

Jamie Noble vs Paul London
Winner: Jamie Noble

John Cena vs Rey Mysterio
Winner: John Cena

Great Khali vs Umaga
Winner: Great Khali

Shawn Michaels vs Big Show vs RVD vs Edge
Big Show gets eliminated


WQ: I want to see where the Edge vs Jeff storyline is going to go.

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
The Big Show is eliminated by Edge

WQ~Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio for the IC title, MVP vs Kofi Kingston for the US title

1. Jesse and Festus
2. Paul London
3. Rey Mysterio
4. The Great Khali
5. Shawn Micheals

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
Paul London
John Cena
Big Show gets pinned by HBK


Cade and Murdock
Paul London
John Cena with STFU
Big Show elimination by frog splash

1: Jesse & Festus; Then Priceless would jump Cade & Murdoch
2: Paul London
3:John Cena
4:Khali: one brain chop, it’s over.
Main Event: Eliminate Big Show

Cade and Murdoch
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Great Khali
Big Show Eliminated

good show 9 out of 10

I think you have started CWE very well

Festus and Jesse
Paul London
Hate them both but Rey
Kozlov by no contest

RVD wins Edge 2nd, 3rd Big Show, 4th HBK

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