Who has, or would score higher on an IQ test, atheist or religion believers?

Depends on the individual

Depends entirely on the individual.

Although demographic studies have shown that a strong majority of atheists are well-educated and have attended colleges or universities. A lot of religious believers have attended colleges or universities as well but if you chose randomly you’re more likely to get a religious believer who has a high-school education and possibly a two-year degree, if even that.

So theoretically if you randomly chose one atheist and one religious believer the chances are that the atheist will likely score higher on the IQ test (also depending on what kind of test you are using).

Of course it should be noted that IQ tests are most certainly NOT the only way, or even the best way, to gauge intelligence.

It largely depends on the individual, though studies have shown Atheists tend to have higher IQs then religious people. That is not set in stone of course.

It is well-proven that atheist score about six points higher than conservative believers and three points higher than more liberal believers. Check out the wikipedia page entitle “Religiosity and Intelligence”….if you don’t like wikipedia, look at the sources at the bottom of the page, as there are two specific studies cited on the subject:


Atheists do.

Also Vegans/Vegetarians also tend to have a higher IQ than people who eat meat.

@Jayne244Del I find the RELIGIOUS people tend to be the most hateful, especially Christians. They use the bible to bash people. I’ve never seen so much hate come out of one religion that is -suppose- to be about love.
Over the years Christians have used the bible to own slaves, to mistreat women, to mistreat people of other religions, to mistreat animals, and to bash homosexuals.

If anything Atheists are open minded and more loving than Christians are.

Atheists. To those who say there’s not correlation; there actually is. And if you think about it, it makes sense; the more open and honest one is to knowledge, the more likely one will be accepting of facts and be wary of believing without proof. This, in turn, allows one to develop intellectually which increase one’s IQ.

There are religious people that aren’t that intelligent and Atheists that aren’t. There are plenty of intelligent religious people and Atheists. It all depends on the person.

Atheists do tend to have a higher IQ, I am not being bias it’s just atheists think with loogic and reaosn, religious believers don’t

I’m sure the atheist would tell you they have the higher score because atheists are hateful ignorant arrogant people. It doesn’t mean it’s true. It depends on the individual.

I would say Atheists . Because they do not believe in talking snakes or walking dead people , or any of the outlandish unproven nonsense of the bible(s) that has ruined millions of peoples lives both directly and indirectly for god .

Atheists are way smarter plus they can think for themselves ! !

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