Where do you stand on Kobe Bryant?

Do you hate Kobe?

A. Yes, always have on general principle.
B. Yes, since he requested a trade from the Lakers after he chased away Shaq and they sucked.
C. Yes, not because he requested a trade from the Lakers but the fact that he requested that they trade his teammates after they wouldn’t trade him.

kobe is the best player in the league

Okay first of all I am assuming your a Heat Fan cause it makes no sense why you would just pull this out randomly. Kobe is not anything that you have stated, you are just a hater and no they didn’t find any evidence that Kobe raped that girl so stop blaming him and calling him a rapist because it was never proven because there was no evidence. Kobe is the greatest player to play the game and deserves all the attention and money he wants or else the Lakers wouldn’t have a ring. If you don’t think so have you ever thought if Pau or Shaq could win a ring without Kobe each player needs each other. Also at least he wasn’t like b**** a** Leb**** and go to a team with 2 other superstars to make it in the Finals. Your wack along with this stupid post. Kobe is the best don’t hate!!!

Nope. Some of these points are really petty.
“R. Yes, because he calls himself Black Mamba and it’s a stupid nickname.” is that a reason to hate someone?
“Q. Yes, because he gets away with traveling all the time and the refs never say anything.” Look at Lebron James.
“Y. Yes, because he’s a multi-millionaire but he is known to be very cheap and stiffs people on tips.” WTF? And how would you know this?
“T. Yes, because he takes gay photos in white outfits.” No comment.

None of the above. Kobe is a great player and soon to be the NBA icon.

I really don’t feel like reading all that but Ill tell ya this he’s a great player but seems like an asz.

I love him because he is hated on so much but still just dominates

Kobe is a great player. That is all I’m going to say.

D, E, F, G, H, I, M, O, P, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z All of these. To be honest i was being nice

All of the above.

You got too much time on your hands.

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