When Jan Brewer meets with Obama today, will she discuss facts on crime and illegal immigration?

Or will she resort to the Natavist lies that helped pass SB1070?

SB-1070 will hurt Arizona’s economy and increase violent crimes

Does 0bama want gas prices to rise so it will detract from the sky high unemployment rate?

The nativist lies that passed SB-1070 – Border Violence is…

She’ll stick to the GOP’s script “LIES”. If she can lie about her father’s death, she’ll lie about illegal immigration and crime.


No They Will Not Be Discussing The Facts

She Will Be Offered A Bribe To STFU
(A Cushy, High Paying, Position, Or Some Other Political Favor)


The Bribe Will Not Sway Her Integrity

We Will Find Out Shortly
Whether Or Not The Offer Was High Enough To Corrupt Her
Or If She Has The Steel To Rock This Boat Once And For All

I’m Betting She Stands Her Ground And Follows Through

But I Have Been Wrong Before

I think the obvious answer is that the question doesn’t deserve an answer because it doesn’t want an answer. It is clearly formulated for the purpose of disseminating propaganda designed to push a treasonous, criminal agenda of disregarding US law and giving sanctuary to the enemies of our country who are putting our national security at risk by breaking into our borders which are lawfully established. As far as “nativist” lies, I am native AND American and the facts remain that this is our land and we have a right to decide who comes into and to defend it from invasion. The facts remain that massive uncontrolled illegal immigration has always caused nothing but chaos, disease, violence, crime, and devastation on the existing population which right now includes black, white, red, and yellow Americans who are all expected to honor their responsibilities as citizens. The invaders do not have the same love for our culture and land as we do and every nation for its own well-being must enforce immigration laws. Anyone who does not understand that is so naive or biased that perhaps it is them who ignoring facts and spreading lies and may be happier migrating south of the border where they will be surrounded by their comrades who feel the same.

She will likely show him the illegal alien crime stats for AZ and he will likely hope to silence her with his good looks and charm. If he were honest he’d simply explain his plan to use immigration reform as a temporary PR bid to boost Latino voter turn out in November then promise her the troops she needs on the border after that.

BTW – When you cite biased sources to make your point you fail to make that point.

maybe the fact that illegal means illegal

***and a quote from one of your own links:
“In 1996, for example, Valley law-enforcement agents estimated that 40 percent of all homicides in Maricopa County were a result of conflicts involving Mexican narcotics organizations, mostly from Sinaloa state. A decade later, the Attorney General’s Office exposed a $2 billion human-smuggling business based in metro Phoenix, where criminals often assaulted illegal aliens while holding them for payment of smuggling fees. More recently, cartel-related home invasions and abductions put Phoenix among the world leaders in kidnappings.”

Sorry to disappoint, but your bias is showing.
They used FACTS to get bill passed, and then SHE signed it.

The primary crime that MIGHT become violent will be resistance to being deported.
Border violence hasn’t been “static” in decades, and it is getting worse.

These people have already vioilated the law by crossing illegally.

I’m sure this is going to be #1 on the list of things they will discuss.
I would love to be a fly on the wall!!!

Hopefully she can push him towards enforcing the exact same law that is a federal laws.

Illegals are illegal you know!

She will discuss facts.
Interview with Gov. Brewer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFgR0ZkMd…
Go Gov. Brewer!!!!!!!

Since when do facts matter to liberals?

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