What does my astrological chart mean?

Sun 01o43 leo
Moon 27o09 Aquarius
Mercury 13o16 Cancer
Venus 15o11 Virgo
Mars 14o37 Gemini
Jupiter 5o32 Scorpio
Saturn 11o35 R …

good question i wanted to know that myself

According to the book “Astrology and Sexual analysis” by Morris Goodman, Aries has more get up and go than any other sign, and this applies to their sex life also. {this next is interesting} Aries have enormous drive, overpowering emotions, and tremendous physical desires. Sex is their outstanding experience, and they cannot seem to conceive of a life that consists of repression, suppression or lack of love – to them the greatest of human feelings. Love between people born under Aries and another sign may not survive the potency of the Aries emotions. They are so volatile that the slightest tremor change or facial expression can put them far off intellectually, sentimentally and even geographically. A slight, a forgotten birthday on the part of a loved one, and love may very easily fly out the window! On to the next love; forget about the old and on with the new. That is the cry of Aries no matter how much they suffer, and suffer they do.” Since the very emotional sign of Cancer is your rising sign, it should tone down your eagerness, but along with your moon in emotional Scorpio – the sexy sign, to be – you may appear to be very changeable. This book recommends a Leo as best partner.

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