What are the odds of the Detroit Lions making the playoffs next year?

They have played close games all year. The defense is starting to work together, the offense is full of weapons and we have one of the better returners on special teams. If Matt Stafford can find his way to good health and we add a few more pieces in the off season, I think they will have a strong run next year….

Add a Dfensive playerr and another receiver like Julio Jones, Austin Pettis, or Justin Blackman and your set ya
CALL UP IAN JOHNSON (out of Boise State) and see how he does

70%. The offense is great with Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Jahvid Best, and some very good role players. The D-line is amazing with Suh, Avril, Williams and KVB. If we get a CB or safety like Peterson or Amukamara, the defense will be set. I think we go 12-4 next year and make it as a wildcard.

If Stafford can stay healthy and they can firm up a little bit in some positions, they could really turn things around and make a run for it. The problem is that Stafford seems to be easily injured.

Yes! A couple of years ago, they lost every game. They have at least won some games. Maybe, by next years they have worked all the kinks out and go to the play-offs. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years they can win the super bowl.

They’re definatley headed in the right direction. But, their in a good division, so i’d say about 35%. Maybe in the next few years they will grow into a playoff caliber team.

They are headed in the right direction.I’d say 40% .

As long as stafford can stay healthy, im gonna say about a 65% chance. they’ve really pulled it together

they will win the nfc north next year 11-5
go to the confence

I think they will

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