Want crossbreed small dogs, any suggested types of mixed breeds that work well?

I can not go to the local shelter, anyway it cost £20 to just look at the dogs there, that’s per person by the way. They won’t let me have a dog from there because I live in the city by a main road. But I’m careful with dogs anyway, they are pathetic :). But anyway, I’m looking for a small…

put a ad in your local paper.i have a pom-chi mixed hes on my avatar.hes sweet n arney he plays with my 2 pom pups n kicks their butts.i put a ad in my local paper had 7 calls from people that bred pom-chi mixed pups.just picked out the one i liked n bought him.

Personally, I am not surpised they turned you down! What the hell is wrong with ‘ugly’ dogs, or dogs that don’t look perfect – they can often be the healthiest and friendliest!

It is wrong to go out looking for a puppy crossed between two specific breeds – get one or the other! There are already lots of lovely breeds that exist, we don’t need things like Jackoodles etc.

Ok, I do think your local shelter was a bit pathetic with that they said, and the money thing, but maybe it was just an excuse to stop people who are obsessed with their dog’s looks…?

Sorry if I’m being harshed, but the attitudes of some (thankfully the minority) of the people on here are appalling – dogs are meant to be lifelong friends, not fashion accesories!

I cannot ever recommend a crossbreed puppy of unknown origin from a BYB that will be impossible to predict the health, size, type, coat, and temperament of. No two crossbreed are alike, even from the same litter.

If you want a crossbreed, your best bet is a rescue centre. Lots of people in the UK live on main roads, but providing you have an enclosed and securely fenced garden that should not stop a shelter passing you as an owner itself. If a shelter has rejected your offer, look carefully as to why and see if there is a way to overcome that. #

ADDED : I know of NO shelter that charges you to visit them. If you cannot afford to buy a dog you cannot afford to care for it and keep it properly.#

EXTRA: I thought your father did not want a dog?

its okay if you want a crossbreed as long as you are not going to breed it

and if you are looking to get one to breed go for a 100% pure bred dog only

do not buy a crossbreed from a breeder for this reason

by buying a cross puppy you are saying to that breeder that you like it enough to pay so much , so that that BYB keeps on breeding then=m for money

if a shelter turned you down thats a sign that youshould wait to get a dog until they think its okay cause if they said no its for more then just you live in the city

its cause your not ready and they would end up taking a puppy from you if they feel its not cared for

Go to other shelters. Some aren’t as picky as others. Are you sure it’s just because you live near a main road? Or have you had dogs run over in the past due to not having them on a chain? As for making mutts, I am very much against such poor breeding practices.


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what kind of shelter charges you to just look at the dogs?!?! that doesn’t sound like a very reputable place. there are plenty of small breed mixes, like a maltipoo (maltese-poodle) or shorkie (shih tzu-yorkie). i suggest you keep looking at shelters or the newspaper for available mutts. you will find plenty available. just don’t get a designer mutt that someone is going to sell you for like $1,200. That’s stupid…and a ripoff.

i can say look in your newspaper and look for a mix breed you will never know who of the parents tempers they will have . or which health problems or life expectancy.
heres a movie i made on designer dogs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A6CZQbx4…

it depends on what you find ugly:) personally i think anything that resembles the working breeds are beautiful and i dont like major hair like on a irish setter or poodle nice dog though.

ask the breeder about the health and temper of the parents ask to see the parents thats what you should look at because you really never know the temper or look of a mix till you see mom and dad

Chihuahua and Pomeranian
Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle.
Maltese and Toy Poodle.
Schnauzer and Jack Russell
Long Haired Chihuahau and Jack Russell

Quit scamming kid, shelters don’t charge to look at their dogs.
What they won’t do is let a lying kid adopt a dog.
You already asked how to get your dad to let you have a dog.

I wouldn’t want someone as devious as you to have a dog either.

mines a collie jack russell cross and people adore her shes one of the sweetest funiest dogs ever always playful.
shes no bigger than a small terrier aswell

The best crossbreed I had was a cross between a bulldog and a shitzu

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