Unauthorized deposit to my account?

I had unauthorized deposit to my account. earlier this week I had my account overdraft because I paid my insurance company and they took more than they were supposed. I told my mom to ask her for help and she was furious saying that it is my fault that i will go bankrupt and I will never recover from this. Now I…

If the insurance company took more than what they should have, you can call them and see about refunding the amount extra that they took. If that doesn’t work, see about doing a dispute on that charge with the bank. There have been times that people have disputed amounts because it was more than what should have been taken out.

Just because you overdraw your account does NOT mean you’ll be bankrupt. You can recover from this. It’s a simple mistake and plenty of people do it all the time.

Now, with the company depositing money into your account, I would say close the account if you are able to and open a new one. Did you authorize the deposit? Did you talk to the company at all? The reason I’m saying to close the account is because there have been people who have had fraud on their account and they had to close them because an online cash advance company taking money when they shouldn’t have. So, closing the account might be the safest thing to do.

If it’s from a cash advance place. Check with people who know your situation and see if they put it in there. There may be no need to close your account.

Work on paying that person back if you can find out who it is.

If you feel you do need to close your account for security reasons, then open the new account and let HR know of the change. They may need to send you a physical check the first time but after that it should go in normally.

There’s a lot of info here but, the only question I saw was about closing your account and still getting your paycheck:

Open another account. Give HR the details of your new account so your pay check will go there. Close the other account.

I agree, you’re a good girl Shasta.

You do the truthful component, and record this for your monetary corporation. for sure you’d be stumbled on out in case you spend the $2000, and then you’ve an overdraft. do not imagine you isn’t stuck. Banks do audits each and every nighttime, and this can arise ultimately. in case you imagine you could damage out with this, you’re fooling your self.

Thankyou all for your replies and opinions!

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