The 2nd 50 greatest NBA players?

In 1996 the NBA compiled a list of its 50 greatest players ( ). This is a list I made in an attempt to figure out who the next 50 would be, as in the 51st through 100th greatest players. Did I leave anyone out? Should anyone be taken off?

Mark Aguirre

Looks good to me. Oh and don’t listen to the guy above me. Vince Carter is sixteenth all time in points per game during the regular season FOURTH ALL TIME in points per game in the playoffs.

Dennis Rodman and Dikembe Mutombo have got to be top five defensive players of all-time. Mutombo is fifth all time in blocks, and Rodman is likely the most passionate player ever to play the game.

Dominique Wilkins should have been on the FIRST list. Eleventh all-time in ppg, the best in-game dunker ever to play the game.

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan are gimme’s. Three championships apiece, all those all-nba teams, dominated their position and THE LEAGUE for a number of years(Kobe is still doing it).

I don’t paticularly care how long LeBron has been playing…THE DUDE COULD BEAST MICHAEL JORDON IN HIS PRIME!

Allen Iverson is third all-time in ppg, fourth all-time in steals per game, and an all-star game MVP. That said, he’s a shoe-in.

Jason Kidd is fifth all-time in assists, and has something like 60 triple doubles AT THE POINT GUARD POSITION.

Reggie Miller has made the most three point shots of all-time…and the closest to him is Ray allen who is more than SEVEN-HUNDRED BACK.

Conclusion: GREAT LIST! You’re probably one of the only people on here who aren’t lazy enough to make one. Oh and I don’t see the guy above me making one either…

You forgot someone…Dwyane Wade. As a matter of fact, he, Kobe, and LeBron and Garnett belong on the top 50. And Wade, as of the finals, is one of the top 20 players ever, and I expect him to be #1 all time, by the time his career is over.

PS: Your list is horrible, Vince Carter? Dikembe Mutombo??? Dennis Rodman?????? Among other VERY questionable picks, these are the worst I noticed. And no WADE??? What the hell has Carter done that Wade has not? (If you say slam dunk champ, I’m gonna barf.) Actually, NONE of these players have done what Wade has done. Check their stats, and check out what he did in the playoffs the last 2 years, then get back to me.

To the douche bags below me, yes there are some good selections on the list above, but just because Vince Carter, Dennis Rodman and Mutombo were great players, does not mean they belong on the list.

And the reason I dont make my own list is because my basketball knowlege goes back maybe 20 years, and I dont want to rate players that I know nothing about. What I do know alot about is the NBA after 1990, and I know Carter, Mutombo, Rodman, etc. do not belong on the list…despite being very good players.

James hasn’t played long enough to be on any ‘best’ list. These lists are for career stats. Although I’m pretty sure he’ll catch up with the others on your list. Chris Mullen also hasn’t proven himself yet, hasn’t played long enough. And I don’t think Joe Dumars belongs on this list. He was a good, solid player but not outstanding. Bill Laimbeer or Ben Wallace would have been better choices. Or Rolando Blackmon.

One name you left off is Dirk Nowitski. He’s pretty much already a lock to enter the Hall Of Fame.

All and all it’s a decent list. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

“Sweet” Lou Hudson Bob Dandrige
Archie Clark Bobby Jones
Phil Sheenier Bob Love
Mo Cheeks Zelma Be atty
Jo Jo White
Joe Du mars

Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson and Dirk Nowitzki are some human beings i will think of of that would desire to be in. so 6 human beings would desire to get the F out, i might say: NO CLUE ITS BLASPHEMY do no longer say Clyde Drexler needs to get out he’s precise 5 SG of all time very underrated he became into as on the factor of Jordan as Kobe human beings that got here to my suggestions of no longer being too nicely usual in assessment to the individuals above are: Dave Bing, Jerry Lucas, Paul Arizin, Billy Cunningham some like those I think of might get replaced, nonetheless they’d desire to no longer be. basically wait for the nba seventy 5th anniversary team

Alonzo Mourning (unless he was in the first 50…I’m not sure) though he’s not definitely not top 50 talent or skill. But he belongs somewhere in the top 100. I think he’s better than Dikembe Mutombo. Reggie Miller shouldn’t be on this list..I think he could go on the next one, but not this one.

Excellent list man! dont listen to that wayde fanboy above me.. Dennis Rodman was possibly the best rebounder of all time. One game he had 30 rebounds. one game. insanity. anyways a very good list, though i think wilkins should be top 50, thats nothin u can change. thanks for takin the time to do this.

You left out Alonzo Mourning
he has a better career than GP goes

It looks like a good list to me. It must have taken you ages.

Dennis Rodman DOES NOT deserve to be on this list !

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