Spiritually or…are – “words” – ‘our perception’ of this worldly life?

What is the purpose of a spoken word? A description of “what”?
How do they correlate to the spiritual realm?
Words can and often do cause misunderstandings, misconceptions and confusion. They can create disharmony, chaos and even war.
(Don’t get me wrong; next to my spiritual books, sits my…

Within these two words “spoken word” spoken speaks of something of a half substance, for what more could it be. And word is a whole but when “spoken word” it needs a place of rest showing of a image of God, in the play as the lesson to truth (Logos)as always the hidden of the Spirit is our master to life. With in each word it has letters and each letter speaks to the conformities of the Spirit as hidden as the word is what its called outside but by the inner parts of a word and its laws of usage all is explain as in heart of the word (spirit) to turn around what is the outer of the word into the inner word as it the letters explain that good thing. As no error but for unity in him is its quest love to those who choose to seek him out, as the Redeemed. This is the Holy veil that was torn in two so things that were of God may become know as the Holy Spirit Moved Truth.

For even I have been speaking the spoken and the inner word for 6 month here, and so it’s autumn. And this day a honest to by law, but were is truth on its own accord, but is own cover I, I see. For season changes but His as Him will never change.

Green if fading we look for the head, mind; as the death, as the every green life him the Redeemed ones.

Fear not words, are only words; but inner word, once there, you can die if one turns his back of the truth, for this one will be alive.. Who is our life how deep can it go, seek and you’ll find.

Words are some of the tools in the toolbox of spoken communications. Other tools include phrases, sentences, and pronunciation. Words are also tools used in written communications.

Spoken and written communications are just two of the ways we humans communicate with each other. There are nonverbal communications as well. A smile, a shrug, a frown–these also communicate.

A hammer can be used many ways, including those that are harmful to other human beings. So can words.

But communications don’t always tell the whole story. Could you use words to describe color to a person who has been blind all his or her life? Can words describe the feeling a parent has when meeting a newborn baby? Can words truly convey the passions that drive us to do good or bad things? When we speak we use not only words, but inflections and emphasis and tones to convey anger, surprise, joy, amazement or other feelings.

A truly gifted writer or speaker knows how to use all the tools in the communications workshop. Words are powerful, but they are only a part of the power we exercise when we communicate with each other. The gifted communicator knows the tools as well as how and when to use each one for maximum effect.

Also the meaning of a word can change when some political correct inspired drop out wants to change just for the sake of change. The word Gay gay gay once upon a time it meant to be happy and gay in all sorts of meanings that cover being happy. Now for some reason it means a person who is Gay meaning that person is Homosexual or Lesbian which really doesn’t relate to the word gay does it.

Hello Carol good morning to you and all your devoted friends. I am on my second cup of coffee and up far too early as my eyes slumber to the closed position. It is now reaching that good time in the morning of 6.49 am here in Australia when all good people arise for the new day.

Why not write a little note with the power of words expressing peace within the structure of this absolutely fantastic world outside, or is it. I think I might go back to bed and then get up again on the right-side of the bed as I think my brain is still there. Bye mate.

Blessings to all Words are very powerful, they can either make you or brake you, All is in the mind and in the power of the tongue i rather speak blessings than coursing. You hit the nail squarely on the head. Words are always one step ahead of us. I agree with this , Words can and often do cause misunderstandings, misconceptions and confusion. Just like in the word or the concept of The concept of Awakening is being misunderstood or misappropriated by various sectors of our Culture, and the very few genuine people who are Awakened can see through this.. yet are more than likely not becoming involved due to the need for Equanimity.

My experiences show me that their is subliminal programming going on all the time in every avenue of Media.. this level usually garners the Plebs well as they race through life at 400mph to gain the extra dollar needed to support their desired Lifestyle.. which is too fast to see the signposts along the way.

And, in spiritual circles globally I’ve noted a massive push from within that is malevolent in agenda.. despite the flowery words and concepts used to attract the Followers. From my perspective it is designed to mislead, to be complex enough so that Followers do not ever really Awaken even though they are being led to believe they are. I like your question.

In spirit, we recognize each other by what comes out our mouths, words, throughout scriptures words are mentioned a couple thousand times, language, Daniel 7:14 And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him. Languages apart from nations and people. This one I really like, Psalms 19:3 There is no Speech or language, where their voice is not heard. Our words are a testimony of what we are, who we are, who we stand with, it is the breathe of us, our prophecies, our visions, our dreams, our spirit inside.
What is the purpose of spoken words ? Some can take it lightly, Saint Matthew 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. The sword is the words, and the fire the words, rebuke is by words, power in words, Jesus, It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Best know what we speak.

Thanks for the good wishes. But you are grossly mislead! There is no correlation of words to the ‘spirit world’ because there is in fact no spirit world. But even if there was, words are ultimately simply a means of communication, among those who still live. When you die, you are quite literally dead, you are no more. To paraphrase Monty Python, you have expired, ceased to be, you are an ‘ex-person’! You have no more need for words. You have DIED, and soon you will be forgotten. You won’t be coming back, in any shape or form. Brutal, but it’s true! Sorry.

Words relate truths between two like spirits. Example: I tell you a truth, and if our teachings is in line with the true Holy Spirit of a loving Father, we both receive verification of the same truth. Yet, that same truth to a person who has not the Holy Spirit, but thinks they do, they feel no verification whatsoever, and then truth is defined by that person with first denial and then comes the words that separate and destroy the truth that was said, by one person or the other.
Words can heal or destroy. If one has the true loving spirit within them, they never anger and never condemn, The same scripture will render the one not inhabited with the true Holy Spirit to retaliate with words of hate, anger mixed with hell and damnation by an angry Satan, who doesn’t like truth no matter who speaks it.
God bless.

Words are branches from a common tree, ego.

Some say they are evil, and that those who use them are misguided, but personally I don’t mind. Just another facet of reality! They are how we represent our conceptions and perceptions, but don’t conceptions and perceptions exist as well? In reality illusion is as much a part of reality as non-duality, everything is just right here. The “problem” arises when we lose sight of the whole, and think that the words are all there are.

That’s why it’s good to keep it short & to the point! Don’t linger on them.

i think mama words are our own way of communciating, whateve rit is we need to communciate, and tho we are not great at it, its what we have

me and my boyf say to each other regularly, that the word love, doesnt actualyl accurately describe how we feel for each other
its a word, four little letters that just dont do the feeling or the actions justice

but its what we have ALONG with the actions,they work together
me, i think the actions are often more important than the words

In the beginning was the word
and the word was with God
and the word was God.

Each words are powerful.So we have to check each words before
they proceed out of our mouth.
They becomes holy if rightly used.
All words are nice but Mouth is a launching pad….lol

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