So who thinks gays getting married threatens the sanctity of marriage?????????????

Maybe the same people who destroyed the sanctity of marriage themselves????????

Newt Gingrich
-married 3 times
-dumped his 1st wife while she was in the hospital
-cheated on his 2nd wife with the woman who is now his 3rd wife
-refused to attend his own sister’s wedding

Rudy Giuliani
-married 3…

Well said.
I can’t figure out how the (Christian) religious right has come to the conclusion that they own the word “marriage”and the rights that come along with it, when marriages existed before Christianity, marriages exist in other religions, and marriage exists where no religion is involved. And don’t get me started on the word “sanctity”, considering the divorce rate in this country.
It’s institutionalized bigotry, and that violates the Constitution.

i for my area do no longer think of marriage has “sanctity” purely by using fact church homes or society declare it so. Sanctity is something that is created in a marriage for the time of the loving dating and constancy the companions comply with nurture and look after. So, no… gay or lesbian marriages have no longer something to do with a private contract between a socially time-honored or classic husband and spouse dating.

Not me: My husband only likes girls. So if gay marriage was an option; he’d still be married to a woman.

To the poster who questioned Prop 8s failure; millions of dollars came from the Mormons in Utah. . ..what’s up with that?

The voters.
They are the ones who passed the laws against gay marriage!

Politicians and their followers think that. The difference is that politicians just use marriage for their selfish purposes.

In my opinion, divorces affect marriages.

You’re right. The queers should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us!

This issue of Gay (Ha Ha) marriage is merely another display of the decay of this society, whereas morals, ethics and that which is true to natural order has been lost.

Of course it does. Gay “marriage” changes the very meaning of marriage. Can’t you see that? If not, try looking it up in the dictionary.

Marriage is for Heterosexuals, Civil Unions are for Homosexuals.
If “Civil Unions” aren’t good enough than too bad, you are just arguing semantics.

i don’t think gay marriage threatens the sanctity of marriage. if someone is so insecure with their relationship that gay marriage threatens the ‘sanctity’ of theirs then perhaps they are the ones who should not be married.

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