Should sanctions be imposed on Israel after the Raid on Freedom Fleet?

As you all know how brutally Israel attacked and killed 20+ humanitarian workers (whose sole purpose was to transport aid for the oppressed Palestinians) recently.
Should UN impose strict economic and diplomatic sanctions on Israel?

No, because Israel did not attack.

Brief time line:
Hamas, a group internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, came to power in the Gaza strip around 2005, and since had been firing rockets at Israeli civilian centers.…
A war ensued, and after seeing that weapons and military equipment was gettiing into the strip Egypt and Israel imposed a legal blockade, as was done by the US against Cuba, and the UK against the Falklands, among other instances.

Israel offered to take the aid and give it to Gaza after being screened. Activists refused.…

Israel attempted to board the vessel and bring it to an Israeli harbor, where the aid would be taken and screen, and the activists sent home. Activists attacked the soldiers, and the soldiers were forced to retaliate.

Here we are today.

Edit: Rozmin: When a ship carrying materials that could be used against your civilians are being shipped to a group internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, you don’t sit around and let it happen. Israel offered to give the aid to Gaza after being screened and this offer was rejected.

There was clearly a different motive.

Jon: The flotilla attempted to break a legal Israeli blockade. It is completely legal for the Israeli government to defend this blockade. Secondly, the military aid given to Israel must be used to buy American military equipment – it helps the American economy.

whether it would desire to be achieved contained in direction of the opposition (that’s particularly impossible by using vetos) most of the western countries would not abide by potential of it (incredibly the united states). One might desire to submit to in innovations that there are greater Jewish human beings interior the united states than are in Israel, and maximum of them have buddies and relatives in Israel, and a extensive style of those self same Jewish individuals are particularly useful persons. to instruct its decrease back on Israel may well be enormously no longer likely interior the united states inspite of what the UN had to declare approximately it (whether you thoroughly discounted Dispensationalist Evangelicals which could additionally choose no longer something to do with such sanctions).

The only country with the might to do so is the USA. If Obama was to impose sanctions on Israel, he would not get re-elected next time. The Jews know it, the politicians know it. You should know and I certainly know it, so the answer is, no sanctions.

Well this is a very critical question which is now should be asked by every true American. What happened today in the Israeli raid against civilian activists from Europe and Turkey as well as USA, was a crime against humanity in the literal meaning of the word. It happened in international water in the Mediterranean sea. So it was not an Israeli territory. Hence it was an act of piracy against a humanitarian mission. USA should stand firm against such an action. The least it can do is stop giving so much military aid to Israel. Otherwise people allover the globe will not only condemn Israel but they will condemn USA as well.

I wish they would do any good but Israel has a history of not going along with any UN resolution what so ever

The blockade is not recognised by any state therefore no ship carrying any flag but Israel recognises the blockade also people have been told not to let pirates get on ships on here for months people saying ships should have arms to prevent piracy and that is what Israel committed an act of piracy. So is it alright for Israel to be a pirate and not the Somali’s

You can’t go around boarding ships in international waters, without consent, and then expect to NOT be beaten when you do that. They had no right to be on those boats.

I think sanctions are long overdue. I’ve had my own personal boycott of Israel for several years. I don’t buy anything made in Israel. Where I live that means avoiding a lot of produce certain times of year but it’s worth it. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Night-vision footage released by the military showed soldiers dropping from a helicopter one by one and being grabbed by a mob of men wielding sticks on the lead boat, the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara. The soldiers succumbed to the assailants and fell to the deck, where the men continued to beat them and dump one of them from the top deck.

A commando who spoke to reporters on a naval vessel off the coast, identified only as “A,” said he and his comrades were taken off guard by a group of Arabic-speaking men when they landed on the deck.

Some soldiers were stripped of their helmets and equipment and thrown from the top deck to the lower deck, and some had even jumped overboard to save themselves, the commando said. At one point one of the activists seized one of the soldiers’ weapons and opened fire, the commando said.

Not after reading this. If you are the captain of a vessel, and you know that you are approaching an area that is under miltary blockade, would it not be wise for the captain to stop his vessel upon demand to allow peaceful boarding and inspection of the “humanitarian” cargo? This is all it took to prevent violence and needless deaths.

What a waste.


About “international waters.” Seems people forget this:……

I hope so, but I doubt it will happen. No sanctions were placed against the USA when they illegally invaded Iraq in 2003.

YES. Trade unions throughout the world should advise their members not to handle any cargo originating from Israel.

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