Should gay marriage be allowed?

Should gay marriage be allowed in every state in the USA?

Sure, why not?

Absolutely. There isn’t one logical reason why it shouldn’t.

Some people say that it will harm “traditional” and “natural” heterosexual marriages, which is simply untrue. I don’t think that divorce rates have skyrocketed since Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc., legalized same-sex marriage. Two homosexuals marrying will not even remotely affect a heterosexual couple that they will never meet. Anyone who says otherwise is just looking for reasons to justify their hatred.

Some people use the horrible argument that if same-sex couples are allowed to marry, then pedophiles should be allowed to marry children and that people should be allowed to marry animals. Again, this is not true. A 5-year old can’t consent to nor understand a life-changing decision based off of love. And a dog or a cat, as cute as they are, are incapable of really understanding human speech, let alone complex human relationships and love.

Some people say that then God will destroy America. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is a horrible argument.

Some people say that then they will adopt kids who will grow up horrible without Mommy and Daddy’s love. If this is true, then we obviously must take away children from single parents as well.

Some people say that the point of marriage is to reproduce. If so, then we should get rid of the marriages of sterile couples, elderly couples, or any couple who just doesn’t want kids. In fact, why don’t we go ahead and make a limit, too? Since the point of marriage is to reproduce, not to just express your love for the other person, then why don’t we go ahead and say that you can only get married if you promise that the bride will get pregnant within the first 6 months? If she fails to do so, then the marriage should be revoked!

Some people say that same-sex couples will never be able to love in the same way as heterosexual couples. They may say something like the fact that two men or two women will never be able to love the same way a man and a woman ALWAYS do when they get into a marriage. You know, like how Britney Spears LOVED that one guy for 72 hours? Yeah, they weren’t the same gender, so it was totally more valid than a same-sex marriage.

I could go on but I think you get the point.

In retrospect, homosexuality is wrong. Let me explain: First, “marriage” is a religious term, derived from Christian/Catholic roots. Christian/Catholic religion does not support gay marriage because it is considered sinful. According to the latest (June 2009) research on sexuality, it has been repeatedly proven that sexuality is all based on choice. In the United States, a country based on the Christian/Catholic faith, to be “married” does not include gay marriage. Marriage is a religious term, so, therefore, gay marriage should be unlawful because of the religious derivation. Because of all this research and study, homosexuality is wrong and should be repealed because of it’s ignorant reasoning and self-disclaiming aspects.

YES Absolutely just because your the same sex doesnt mean that you shouldnt get married! Im so mad because only a few states allow the gay marriage

it is basically a form of racism, in a sense.
not saying that they are there own race but i do not know the proper wording for it.

they allow people who are “straight” to marry, but if it is same sex they go crazy.

and the “religious” sh!t that they try to pull is total bull crap!

they are just scared to be different.

people should be able to have pride in the way they are.

it is unfair to hold back the love of two people compared to another.

we are all just people

we should be able to love they way we wish.

and MARRIAGE is sacred.

let them do it.

Here’s the way I look at it. Why does the goverment care? We really need to focus on bigger issues than this. We should be way past this yet the government still acts like children. Dear gov. gays don’t have cooties, if they are in love let them proclaim it the only way we know how (i.e mirrage).

Everyone should have the right to be with who they want to be with.
Its not the gov.’s choice to choose who someone can be in love with.

yes, its whats right to do. how can a country that is all about equality for all not allow a basic human right to an entire group of people. especially when it states the equality of all men in the declaration of independnce

lets put it this way…love is a matter of the heart not of the church

yea but no one should really be gay so not really…becausese weYouou be gay you go to hell with the devil

Of course, gays r no different from regular people. I don’t see why the government makes such a big deal about it.

well, do you think it’s okay for people to marry pigs?? huh?

In another completely unrelated question, should I be allowed to pelt rocks at my neighbor. He always says “hi” to me and smiles when I see him which makes me so angry! Man, I hate the four year-old!

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