Seniors! What are you most looking foward to? Holloween>Thanksgiving>Christmas or New Years?

Explain why?

Halloween – I enjoy watching the kids having fun running around the neighborhood dressed up like who knows what. It’s a fun day for the kids. We also attend Mass and celebrate All Saints Day and remember those of our church family that have preceded us in death.

Thanksgiving – This is always a good time of the year because the family, what’s left of it, gathers together for a good Thanksgiving day turkey dinner. We also thank the Lord for the blessings we have received throughout the year.

Christmas – Of course, this is a special day for all of us, especially the children. Who doesn’t look forward to waking up on Christmas morning and watching the faces of the children as they open their presents? As the years have gone by there is a whole lot less emphasis now on gift giving. Instead celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is the main focus. There’s something special about gathering in church and celebrating Mass with our brother and sisters in Christ. After all, this is the reason for the season.

New Years Day – I don’t know, looking forward to the new year has always captured my imagination. I guess one will never forget family tradition. Of course I will listen to Guy Lombardo perform Auld Lang Syne. It wouldn’t be New Years without Guy. Then, once again, the family will gather for a meal that will include ham with all of the trimmings.

As you can see I can’t just single out just one of the holidays. They are all different and all special in their own way. As I look at each of them I realize they are filled with tradition I learned as a child and are also intertwined with tradition from my wife’s side of the family too. Indeed, a very special time of the year.

I hope all of you celebrate these holidays will fond memories of the past while making new memories for the future. God Bless All of You.

Christmas dosen’t mean much to me any more with no small kids. Holloween was always my season. But this year Thanksgiving will be my best,for my son will be home with us after three and a half years away. Nov 16 I pray.

These have all become secular holidays. I’m not religious. Used to enjoy them to some degree. Since the 9/11/01 attacks, I’ve not been able to celebrate. No lights or cards or anything. Keep thinking of those people in the airplanes and the buildings.

Tending toward celebrating the spring equinox and summer solstice, more than the other secular holidays. Just too commercial!

What I’m looking forward to most:

I start my Rider’s Edge class on November 4th, and graduate on the 9th. The day after, I will go to DMV and complete getting my motorcycle license. I have just bought a new 2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow. I already belong to our local chapter of HOG, and am totally looking forward to bringing home my new bike! I’m 62 and have a 20 year old son who has been riding a Buell Ulysses for 2 years, and who is willing to ride with me until I’ve developed more independent motorcycle driving skills. Very excited!

I love this time of year and I like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas equally.
I don’t care too much for New Year’s Eve and we are usually in bed by 10:00 PM. Sometimes I tape New York City’s big apple and watch it the next morning. lol

I love the holidays — all of those you mention. It is kind of funny to think back and reflect a bit on which holidays held special meaning for me throughout my lifetime. When I was young, Christmas was everything! From going as a family to midnight Mass then coming out – usually to a snowfall. That happened a lot more when we were kids… the white Christmas thing. Now? Not so much. But from Mass in celebration of the special day… to the opening of presents … to the entire extended family all meeting up at my grandma’s house for dinner and games!

As I went off on my own and my immediate family moved about and disengaged from one another (sad but true), Thanksgiving became more special. That was the only day of the entire year when come sand or high water we all made it a point to drop everything and gather at Mom’s house for dinner. I will miss those gatherings until I’m in my grave and then probably still!

Halloween was always just fun, fun, fun as a young girl then watching my daughter enjoy it!

Now, as I am retired and as I watch my own daughter spread her wings of independence (ouch) and Mom and Dad are no longer with us and my sisters are a distant but clear memory … I realize that my husband and I have each other, and that is that and for that… we are grateful. Which brings us back around to Christmas when we have decided to really do it up each year, if only just for us.We prepare and special Christmas meal, we share lots of wrapped gifts (even if they are silly li’l cheapo thangs) and we enjoy classic Christmas movies on TV throughout the day… as well as some board games (we always get word games).

And, I still think I hear reindoor hooves on the roof on Christmas Eve; so it all comes back around full circle to my childhood and to Christmas Day. Thanks Mom and Dad … for giving me the memories and dreams. Cool beans!

my birthday will be over soon. i was born on xmas day. glad it’s the end of the year and i stay that old age for a whole new year. i look forward to turning the clocks back 11-7. going to the food bank after thanksgiving. and getting over the hump of the holidays. i’m living with people who say it’s just another day. without mail.

Hi, well being English we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I do feel and get a sense of occasion from all my American friends on here.

I happen to love Christmas from the Nativity through to the smiley faces around the dinner table, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

Here in the UK, we don’t do Thanksgiving and really don’t go in for Halloween in as big a way as the US.
The English celebrate Christmas more than New Year, but us Scots celebrate New Year more than Christmas.
Me – I can’t be bothered with any of it and would like to hibernate for two weeks until it’s all over. Scrooge is my middle name. ha ha.

New Year’s Day
During the year, every day, when I get home, I empty the spare change from my pockets into a 5 gallon plastic water jar.
On New Years Day, while my pants are unbuttoned from too much food and I’m sitting on the couch watching football, and the “ole lady” is cleaning up the mess that was left over…oops!..jus’ got slapped on the back of the head..I’ll take that 5 gallon jar and pour it out and count our savings.
It adds up!
I use this money to take the “ole lady” out on her b’day including a nice her a day off and keeps me out of trouble…oops!..jus’ got a kiss on the cheek..
Anyway you get my drift.

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