Secrets by Onerepublic string quartet sheet music?

I can’t find it anywhere for free. I play the cello and for my school talent show, we wanted to do a string quartet. It’s standard, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello. possibly piano. please help! i dont have $30 to buy sheet music.

It’s not available for free, because this music is covered by copyright. Composers (and arrangers) have a right to earn a living from their work; that’s why copyright laws exist. Do the right thing and purchase a copy legally.

its a really easy song.
background is only 4 measures long repeated over and over, and melody is not complex…
try to figure it out by ear.
if you cant, does anyone in your group have a private teacher? ask them to help you.

More like five dollars and four chords
D F#m Bm and G

… figure out the (can you say unisons?) arpeggios and you’ve got it licked.

It is copyrighted (if a string quartet version exists) and free means illegal. Whats more… it isn’t classical music. (Pop).

free pop music? musicians stealing from other musicians? sad

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