RHH: Any Two Of You Want To Battle Mic Messiah And I?

Coming off of our high profile awards (funniest and most nolawjabull, respectively), I have decided on behalf of both myself and Mic Messiah (who doesn’t know about this yet, so holla atcha billygoat) to progress YA! history and challenge two of you brave souls to compete against Mic Messiah (8-0-0) and myself…

I’ll do it, but I get the feeling that I’m blacklisted so it prolly doesn’t matter. And besides, I can’t find a partner I’d be comfortable with.

And yes, accepting your challenge does mean I think I can beat you, as opposed to when I previously declined on the grounds that I felt defeat was unavoidable.

I got hot bars like nightclub arson.

Nah I can’t go up against a record like that

I’m sure everyone in the section is terrified by the concept of you and I amalgamating.

I’ll stick to trolling leb

nah. I’d get ripped to pieces me thinks.

I’d prefer to keep my balls for as long as I am alive, so no.


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