POLLSURVEY: Is your life…….?

A) A Fairytale movie
B) A Sorrow movie
C) A boring story
D) An Action Adventure movie
E) A horror film
F) A Romance movie?


An Action Adventure movie

D) An Action Adventure movie

Action Drama

I haven’t gotten hate mail before but if I did… I would use the ignore button… I don’t have to open an email or a message so if I know who it is from and just what it might contain then why bother…. I think using a block button only makes the situation escalate because there are ways around that…. I also don’t believe that hate mail means “I want you” or “I am jealous of you”… Hate mail means just that the person has a major problem with you and you might not even have a clue as to what that might be…. It is your choice to find out or ignore all of it….

An action adventure movie.

Mix between B) and C) A boring sorrow movie.

E) Horror film definitely….one with Zombies. A lot of em…

Currently on pause…waiting for someone to write the rest of the script

I think it’s a good combination of all of that. Well, minus the romance. I don’t have a guy yet 🙁

C with a bit of F thrown in now and again

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