POLL: Books or movies?

By movies I mean the movies adapted from books.
I say books because in the movies they change everything. Princess Diaries movie is totally different from the book and so is HP and the Order of the Phoenix. The movies keep the characters from the books and change the story!

Star if u agree with me:)

well in a lot of movies like HP movies they miss out the best bits from the books, but I really do enojy watching the movies so this would have to be both


Always the book! Movies just don’t achieve the full imaginative effect. The only one that has ever come close for me is the film adaptation for The Shawshank Redemption.

Movies miss loads of stuff from the books out. I mostly watch the movies but i like reading the books aswell.

ye i think books r a lot better because you can come up with what you want the characters to like like where as once you’ve read the book and then watcht the movie its all different…but if the book was massive i would watch the movie lol

Movies. I agree with you but I’m not one of those people who read a 500 page book rather than seeing the movie. But, you do have a valid point…

Books all the way. Glad that they don’t change much of the vital points in the movie. Just a little here and there. Looking forward to the HBP.

Adaptions of the books are usually better than the books

Yes i agree,its the same with Stephen King novels not all the films adaption is correct from the books, lets hope with the new film of Michael Schumachers is correct. its disappointing,they have the money so surely they can copy from the book correctly.

Books. Always.
Movies just screw the story up
But, if you’re not willing to read the book, and would rather just watch some producer’s version of *was* a good story…

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