Please Please Help…?Need advice of music expert ..?

Hello Dear Friends
I am writing in my site for 3 months ..!! ( )
Please i am spending time in it with my great effort ..?
Is this site is interesting or boring ,sucks …?
Plz just don’t give its good , ok bad ,etc
Review it and tell my errors ..!
Heartily Thank to u sll .. Plz reply


very properly, i visit place my ipod on shuffle and record 20 random artists for you. a million: Emiliana Torrini 2: Minus The bear 3: DJ Shadow 4: Of Montreal 5: Streetlight Manifesto 6: The Postal provider 7: Rilo Kiley 8: Wilco 9: Crystal Castles 10: Adele 11: DJ S3RL 12: A Rocket To The Moon 13: Regina Spektor 14: Enya 15: Immortal technique sixteen: Brooke Fraser 17: Nickel Creek 18: The Cardigans 19: Anti-Flag 20: a suitable Circle

It’s cool and it looks nice, but it needs to be edited better. There are spelling and grammar errors in almost everything which makes it kind of annoying to read. But I like the facts and stuff for all the artists.

Looks good. Very organized and eye catching. Easy to use.

Its interesting~
I like it….

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