My 6 year old husky?

I have a six year old husky that has recently started losing control of her bladder. She dosen’t urinate a lot when this happens but it’s enough that it is making the others in the household upset. Could this be a serious problem or is it something little?

take her to a vet
it could be something serious

Take her to a vet ASAP. She could have a bladder infection, bladder stones, etc….She is too young to have an incontinence problem. You seriously have to get her looked at.
Good luck

It’s called incontinence. She has a serious bladder and/or kidney problem. You need to take her to the vet. If not dealt with she could get seriously ill.

she’s too young for the age problems,
i guess she is taken out for good walks with enough time for play and peeing
so let a vet look at her to be sure there is no infection

I would take her to the vet if i were you

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