Is yahoo going to close yahoo answers?

If they don’t stop those scammers posting phone numbers, they should close it.

the situation leans toward YA being closed, but not necc by Yahoo — maybe by the buyer of Y’s web biz which was put up for sale in Feb 2016.

some analysts single out YA for closure :… nov 2015
“The struggling Internet giant is trying to decide which of its services it should keep or dump.”
“Yahoo Real Estate, or maybe even Yahoo News, could be on the chopping block, analysts say.” [altho Katie Couric’s $10 million contract was recently renewed.]
“Yahoo Answers should also go said analyst Jan Dawson.”
“That’s because other sites like the question-and-answer service Quora do a better job, he said.”
“Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman confirmed Yahoo would ‘disinvest’ in those services that weren’t strong performers.”
“It’s unclear which Yahoo services might get whacked, but analysts say only a handful — mail, sports and search — are safe.”
jan 06 2016
Yahoo’s “massive declines in profitability and cash flow…”

x… feb 19 2016
“Yahoo Inc officially launched the sale of its core business on feb 19 2016,
“a move seen as a positive step for frustrated investors but
“not enough to keep an activist hedge fund, Starboard Value, from pursuing a proxy fight against the struggling Internet company.”


No they aren’t. This is a really old rumor back from like when yahoo answers first came to existence. As long as yahoo makes money off this site through the ads then they won’t shut it down.

The only honest answer is we do not know if yahoo answers will be shut down. The site is being very neglected and has become a cesspool so can’t see anyone buying it if they are trying to sell it. We don’t know and possibly even
Yahoo doesn’t, it is like they are unaware of it and what it has become. Even if it is going to be closed they won’t likely tell us as it is a free site.
No one really knows and the rumors could be fact or just rumors.

I always drop a dime minus any landline time
to call my throw. Heads you lose. Tails I win.
Most people play on Yahoo Levels at 50-50
odds. Sadly, house rules for players always
are subject to change, people being people.
Oy vey! There are other media happenings.
It is healthy to not rely entirely on Yahoo.

The Yahoo Answers is full of spam phone numbers. The moderators make no effort to clean them up.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens. Yahoo is closing down their games department next week, so this website does seem to be streamlining.

Doubt it but don’t be surprised when Yahoo sells out at 65 cents on the dollar. This is the only place I can make a comment and the only place I am not inundated with adds that don’t freeze my computer.

I HOPE. I’m sick of this website, the incessant trolling and the useless staff. Also, I don’t think CM is broken, I think they purposely shut it off. That or the website is under a concentrated attack by hacker trolls. There is no excuse for this level of incompetence.

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