Is KIA generally a problematic car?

Kia CErato

Right, let’s give advice beyond ‘They’re crap’.

There are many different ways to make a car. We can narrow this roughly into three groups.

At the top we have the exotica, the bespoke, the state of the art. These are cars such as Porsches, Ferraris, Jaguars, some Mercedes, some Audis, some BMW’s, all Rolls Royces. These cars are made at great expense to showcase technology and innovation. They are made with care, sometimes by hand, from the best materials. Some are reliable (Lexus), some aren’t (Lotus).

In the middle there are the ‘good’ cars. Cars made by companies that only ever wanted to make cars, and good ones at that. In this group (Those started and run by a single man’s vision feature heavily) are makers such as Honda, Toyota, Mercedes. BMW and Audi again, Saab and Volkswagen. They are neither expensive or cheap and offer value for money, are built well and offer not perfection, but an acceptable reliability average, better than those above OR below them in price. It’s a combination of big budgets in Research and Development, a commitment to quality and the needs of mass production.

At the bottom you have a different group; cars made by companies who haven’t long been making cars; companies who started out making toasters, microwaves, buckets, anything really. They aren’t interested in making a car that you’ll use for the rest for your life; they want to make one for the lowest price possible. That’s it. Anywhere something cheaper can be used, they’ll use it. Any existing technology they can install, however old it might be, to save on research. The result is a car not made to make a journey enjoyable, it is a car built to barely satisfy a list of basic requirements. If a Ferrari is Steak & Lobster, and a Saab is just the Steak, a KIA is the toy that comes with the meal.

To add to the list, between middle and bottom lies companies such as Ford and General Motors, who offer some good cars and some bad ones; any lack of quality is somewhat assuaged by the sheer scale of their capacity for customer service.

The thing is, the gap between a new KIA (bottom group) and even a ten-year old Audi or Honda (middle group) is huge. Any money you save (say faced with a £5,000 KIA or a £6,000 Toyota) is instantly negated by the fact that you just bought a bad, nasty, cheaply-made car.

MUCH better to spend the same money on the best example of a good make, or even better (Jaguars are cheap;) even if it’s older. No manufacturer can say every car they’ve made will be trouble-free, but the ones I’ve listed will give you a head start on fate.

Kia vehicles are not problematic at all.

You can have a look at the 2014 quality rankings and you can see the brand a top of the chart.

its korean! they’re crap cars! just like Hyundai and the saddest of them all, Daewoo.

yes. Piece of crap/

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