Is it revealing that even the ultraconservative Wall Street Journal is admitting the Free-Market System failed?


Even the hard right is grudgingly admitting the validity of socialist planning versus crack-cocaine drug addicted ”free market” economics.

There is nothing Free Market about our crony capitalism .

An Anglo, British-born lady together with her husband & 5 teenage little ones–all whom are working, minus the single that is extremely unwell–are being evicted from her domicile by using landlord in England. She published her question in diverse categories few days in the past, and he or she replaced into fortunate if she have been given a million/2 as many solutions as you have. And, have self assurance it or no longer, she gained mean, spiteful ones at that! It is going to coach that basically like Jesus Christ suggested, “the final may be the 1st, and the 1st would be final!” in no way earlier interior the full history of the international had governments being so twisted as they’re now at this 2nd. the only person who in historic or different situations could are starting to be the scientific care the gentleman on your article is getting, is that if he were a undercover agent for the adoptive u . s . or in any different case saved the country from invasion or comparable situation!!!!

Andy Stern wrote that piece. DO YOU KNOW WHO ANDY STERN IS?

Mr. Stern was president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and is now a senior fellow at Columbia University’s Richman Center.

Do you liberals actually think we are stupid enough not to notice that a left-wing Socialist, anti-Capitalist wrote that article?

And Obama bailing out forever insolvent 25 banks yesterday because of the socialist housing collapse (fannie and freddie mac) while enormous government bails out europe and runs an enormous welfare state is free market capitalism?

Is this your failed attempt at promoting enormous government?

Thank God i used yesterday as a buying opportunity to add to my position….in…! Next, i move it to a safe place away from drug addicts like you.

Baloney, there is more free market systems in China then there are here.

With a leader like Obama, nothing will work.

nancy, nancy, nancy. We all Know the wsj is a liberal rag. Some editorials are moderately conservative, but on the whole that outfit works for Your side.

“ultraconservative Wall Street Journal”?

You live in your own special world, sir.

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