In addition to repel vampires are cross jesus can also repel mice . .?

Actually, vampires may not really be all that scared of crosses unless, of course, they were either truly evil (not all vampires are evil, trust me) or they had had bad experiences with them or bad memories that featured them. Come on, I think you would be scared of crosses if you had been stabbed through the heart with one.

using fact the vampire fantasy originated in international places that have been, on the time, predominantly Christian. The good judgment: Vampires are evil devil is evil for this reason vampires could desire to be in cahoots with devil (improper good judgment) devil is the enemy of Jesus Jesus died on a pass (certainly it replaced into extra T-formed yet it is as properly the component) Therefor devil somewhat somewhat would not like crosses (would not stick to in any respect) devil somewhat somewhat would not like crosses for this reason they could harm him (sorry, what?) Crosses can harm devil Vampires are in cahoots with devil for this reason crosses can harm vampires (epic good judgment fail)

I have a large wooden cross in the shape of a hammer, it works well on mice.

the cross of Jesus does not repel anything except sin.

Your avatar says it all. I take it you are an atheist, like me, but we really can do without people like you.

Agent sixty three you stole my story..i bet my hammer is bigger than yours. lol.

…with rat-poison.

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