If Rush Limbaugh is not smart at all, why does he irritate liberals more than any other man in the country?

The first answer is the best illustration of your point. Liberals have it in their brains that the average joe cannot exist without them lighting the path.

Frankly, I love it when the left has a collective meltdown every time Rush says something they don’t like. It’s kinda fun to watch.

No one said he wasn’t smart. Hell hitler was a smart person. Rush is just a vial person. And that’s not only pertaining to this fluke situation. Over and over again he has shown that he is not a nice person. From the Donavan McNabb comments years ago to him making fun of a guy with Parkinson’s. He’s a guy that has no sense of humanity. He is also the sole creator of divisive politics in the post McCarthy era.

Liberals like free speech until someone says things they disagree with. Rush pretty much knows how they think. They cant stand it

He definitely is smart, I don’t think many people would disagree. The main point of contention is that he misleads his fans – and they believe it. That annoys people who think facts and context are important in order to have a civil discussion.

-because there are a lot of ignorant people who hang on every word he spews and form opinions based on his twisted sense of reality. Those opinions can hurt others.

Several errors in your “question”.

Because that’s his job, and he’s good at it!

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