I need legal advice on a sexual assult case of a minor girl.?

In 2002, when I was only 12, i was sexually assaulted on the track Field of Streator Illinois Northlawn Jr. high school by 5 male “special education students” (trouble students not mentally inept) in front of dozens of students and several teachers. For some reason everyone thought it would be a good…

This is not the place for you to get help. You will only be further ridiculed here.

No one asks for it, that’s like saying a women was raped because she asked for it.

Good thing you have on your side, you have records in the hospital, police report and witnesses.

After reading all that, I haven’t a clue why you havnt got anything done about this, there is not just you, there is more then your word on the subject, and I bet you that if you or a solicitor/lawyer got in contact with other people who attended the school, or made it public more people would come forward.

You should find a good lawyer/solicitor and get some legal advice on the matter. Don’t go on your own, get all the people that you have talked to and try to convince them to press charges also.

so much time has passed and I’m really sorry it is still so much with you, but you will never receive any satisfaction from the school system or the legal system. find a good therapist, a woman, and start working to resolve this mess in your heart and your mind so you can move on. It won’t absolve any of the parties involved but you will have a peace you haven’t had in years.

I DEFINITELY think you have a case!

try different lawyers. and also try to go on with ur life and forget about this. i mean try for maybe another year, but if nothing happens, try and get over it. God will punish them. you shouldnt let them ruin your entire life. they were bad people, and the teachers that watched are just as bad as them i would say. but try not to think about it so much. they shouldn’t also have the satisfaction of ruining ur life.

I am so sorry this happened to you and I am sure a solicitor will take your case

You should speak to a solicitor. But i think you do have a case.

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