I hate my fugging life..!!! me family hates me..?

So yeah, i’m like about to burst in tears right now…

ohkay, first off i have a stupid scum low-life 30 year old brother that’s still living with my parents and i…

i hate that he’s living wiith us because he had his chance to enjoy growing up and having everything he wanted…

now me and my…

You have all these people answering your question to support you, we’ll keep your secrest a secret ;)!

I honestly think you should try to avoid them. Be polite to them no matter what, but find another way to vent your feelings since your mom seems to be sharing them with the entire world…I srsly recommend martial arts!! It’s AH-MAZING! I’ve done it and it’s a great way to stay in shape, and it sort of helps you be a little more social (my first day, the instructor made us do these outrageous “battle yells” or whatever & I’m shy, so she helped me out with that…lol). Then, you could vent your feelings out and then become more social and maybe some friends from martial arts classes and you could go to the mall and get away from all the fuss at home and not talk about those problems.

It doesn’t sound like your mom is really being abusive or negligent, it seems like the complete opposite so I’d have to disagree w/ the person who recommended the social worker (sorry!).

Anyywhoo, I’d say get some activities you and your sister can do together in the summer like riding the bike/taking the bus to the mall and just hanging out there, joining some type of recreational program, hanging out at the YMCA, even just chillin at the park playing around & eating junkfood.

My advice: Do like I do. Seek advice from a Counselor or Non-Profit counseling center. Crack open that phone book and have a person next to you supportive of your endeavor. You need therapy and don’t need to feel embarrassed about it. We all need therapy.

It’s not really easy living in a house for of ungrateful people. But it wouldn’t be better living in a homeless shelter because your stuff gets stolen.

I know that the world is not always shittey, but you will manage. First of all do something you love doing and write down the good qualities of yourself on a piece of paper. It will aid you in feeling better about yourself and not relying on the negative. Try it! It works!

Talk to your mom about this. You did not mention anything about a father, so maybe it is the lack of a father in your brother’s life that causes him to act foolish. Also not to say Barack’s daughters don’t have a great life but they have issues also. Just because someone “appears to be happy” does not mean it is true. Just pray and continue to remain close to your mom. God Bless!

Dont worry about what they think… you could help your mom out by having your sister sleep with you… if you dont already, than exercise,
go sleep at a friends house for a few days, If possible than ask your brother to leave.

Ok, I dont know how old you are. But for real, you are sorta moody. First relax. You have to have this one thing clear: Dont expect everyone to like you and treat you kindly.
In most cases to recieve and to feel loved you have to give love to others so dont expect to be treated well by everyone, even if you are nice to them, personalities vary. You need to stop thinkinbg everyone is against you be more self confident. ask yourself why they talk so bad about you? what have you done? stuff like that. If anything go to a councelour or phsycologist theyre actually a great help even though it may sound wierd. I have to go but just email me if u need anything.

The strongest are those that lived a life of difficulties. Be thankful for the obstacles because its during those times that you grow and build character. Be patient and wait, it won’t be forever. You will eventually move out and find someone who will think the world of you. Have faith.

wow i think if you go to school talk to your guidensce counceler. If you have a close friend ask to stay with her until you figure thinmgs out. Does your sister feel like this? If so i think you should ignore them you deserve better than what you get. Find help if you have a boyfriend try to figure out stuff with him maybe he’ll help if not get help from ur friends parents or your friends

well, reading this does not tell me your age

if you are 16+ or have a driver’s liscence, i suggest
just driving around to clear your head (fresh air is extremely good for thinking)

if you are under 16, then that really kinda sucks cause your life is somewhat similiar to mine (i dont have a 30 yr old brother, i live with grandparents)

but, if you cant trust your mom (i cant trust mine either, so dont feel guilty) then dont tell her anything important

homeless shelter isnt the safest place to go,could you try talking to an aunt or grandmother anyone else in the family?if not maybe see if theres a councillor in school or you could talk to someone in welfare,you shouldnt keep this to yourself you sound like you need someone to listen to you,hope you get the help real soon

Pray God can do miracles…keep praying every day and have faith…you never know what God might do…he might bless them with the ability to find a new home, he might change the heart of your brother so that he will become a big help to your mother….God might be strengthening your heart and mind to prepare you for some great success and challenges……trust and pray then be patient.

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