How to stop biting your nails?

put something you don’t like on them like maybe something spicy….

Rather than biting your nails down to nubs, start rubbing them or find a new slightly less annoying habit like picking at the tops of your nails. Not only does it keep the length of them down but now you have stopped biting your nails!

Go to Petco in by cherry nasty dog spray that keeps them from biting stuff just spray on your nails. LOL no but paint them or something


Get fake nails, it worked for me

there is this nail polish my mom used to put on that made it really bitter when i tried to put it in my mouth. you could try that

Paint them! When you see how nice your nails look, you won’t want to ruin them. 🙂

insert tips into you anal and every time you go to bite, the smell will hit you and warn you to not put them in your mouth…….

embrace the bite.

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