How do I ask my wife to dress me up like a girl?Should I Initiate this? Or Not ? or will she hate me for ever?

So here is the background.

Since the time we are married I wanned to share cross dressing with my wife. But i haven’t got the guts to tell her to dress me up like a girl. My male ego steps in may be and its not happening.Well about 8 months ago my wife out of the blue slipped her night dress on me. I wore…

Listen, that she put you in women’s clothing at least three times tells me she’s not horrified at the notion – and I don’t think the fact that she made you take them off means she’s horrified, either.

I have never put my husband in women’s clothes – I think your wife is probably a lot more knowing than you seem to think.

You could go the patient route, and wait for the next time she suggests you put on one of her things – it would be the perfect opportunity to say, casually if it’s easier for you, “You know, Honey – this feels really sexy to me. Could we try this out tonight?”

Or you can just be honest, and direct – which is what I would recommend. I understand it’s an odd topic to just drop in her lap out of nowhere, but talking about sex is always a little awkward – and again, the fact that she has dressed you up before is a huge tell – she’s obviously not so averse to the idea. It’s possible she made you take the things off for fear of YOUR discomfort.

Honesty is always the best policy – if your relationship is sound and healthy, even if she were totally turned off by your desire, it won’t create a rift. Just trust that she loves you and wants to make you happy, and find a quiet, cozy time to bring it up. You might be pleasantly surprised by her response. 🙂

Good luck to you, hope it works out.

What your wife has done in the past means very little. She may have been testing you and not liking your response a bit. You must accept that you cannot force a person to like something they don’t. All you can do is educate them and hope they can support your position.

Most women’s response to a cross-dressing husband is to feel betrayed and insecure. They feel betrayed because they thought they knew you and you were holding secrets, because you didn’t trust her. They feel you were only pretending to be a heterosexual, and you are really something else. They feel insecure because they assume that this could end in divorce.

So step one: Find out her thoughts on cross-dressing.
For example, tell her that you have found that in Japan there is a type of rock music called Visual Kei where the costumes play a major role in the entertainment. Some of the most favorite Visual Kei rockers are cross-dressers. Yet these guys have a huge following of females who love them.
Take a look at this band: Versailles (Yes, everyone is a man – all of them)……

Another major Visual Kei guitarist is Mana Sama:…

You can look up others, but you only need enough to get her to start discussing cross-dressing.

You might ask her if you finds guys who cross-dress as interesting? Ask her why do some guys like to cross-dress? You can tell her that most cross-dressers are heterosexuals, and are pretty normal guys with a little fetish. You can tell her that you think most cross-dressers live normal productive lives because they limit their cross-dressing and keep it private. If she suspects that you enjoy it too, then you can admit that you do enjoy it but you’re not crazy and would never do anything that she doesn’t tolerate. Tell her that you enjoy it when she plays cross-dressing with you. Let her know that you would like to do it more, but you want her to feel secure, so you want her to set the boundaries.

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Touch her appropriately as soon as you meet her and slowly escalate the duration and intensity of each touch. Give her time to get comfortable with your touch – if she’s not comfortable holding your hand, she’s definitely not going to be comfortable being sexual with you.

give me some woman like your relly i follow wath she like but except goin out side in dress lady or to see our kids , out side only one day at year is on halloween day

i don’t understand why you would want to do this. its insanity.

something wrong with you

You need mental health help. Please get it.

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