How come when we say anything negative about McCain cons freak out and scream war hero? Why so scared?

They called him liberal before he became “their guy”, and now they are so touchy that you can’t say a thing about him without saying you are putting down a war hero. Isn’t that kinda hypocritical?

He is a War Hero. He is also much more conservative than Hillary and way right of the most liberal senator in the senate Obama… Those are just facts.

I thought he was a POW, what is the war hero part? Like many other terms we use this is another that is thrown around pretty loosely. Because a person was captured during a conflict, Vietnam was not a declared war, that does not make them a war hero in my eyes. What about guys who do two, three and four tours of combat duty that you never hear about, are they war heroes? No disrespect intended but isn’t a soldier only doing the job they were ordered to perform? Why does that automatically make one a war hero if they faced combat? With all due respect and I like McCain, not as my president but as a person in public office, he’s no more a war hero than anyone else captured during the Vietnam conflict.

All I know is we have had almost eight years of these God fearing, responsible (personal), republicans don’t think this country can afford any more of there leadership.
As far as McCain goes he certainly was no war hero unless you want to say all that served in Vietnam were heros to include Kerry who faced the dangers no less than McCain but McCain having been one of the Keating Five while serving as a Senator disqualifies him to be a president.

Because they know that his greatest strength is really his greatest weakness when running for President in a country that wants no more of the war.

You are so right. Especially those convicts in the federal prisons, they are among the worst. Nothing but cowards. Why so scared? I think it must be a terrifying experience to be locked away in prison. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please keep us posted concerning those convicts.

Not allowed to attack McCain unless Lieberman is there behind him to whisper in his ear and tell him what to say.

he is a rino(for all you dummies, that means republican in name only),not our choice,your crossover voters screwed our it is payback time,operation CHAOS.we are keeping hillary alive so that your party self destructs.count on her winning in pa. etc….enjoy the will loose in nov. ! the rino will win.

Criticize him all you want. Why do you need someones permission?

He is not my guy, none of the three current front runners are.

Say what you will, HE is better than osama and hillary.

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