Help?! I want to enlist in the navy for search and rescue and need advice!?

Let me start with this, I am wanting to join the Navy because I am tired of life. The thing is I’m too young to be this tired with life.I am 18 years old, and I waitress full time. I am currently in college, but feel like its the same as highschool. My biggest fear would be to get my engineering degree ( I do…

Being a rescue swimmer in the Navy is open to females, but the physical standards are the same as for the males. That means a minimum of 55 push-ups. Start working on that now. You don’t have to be some super swimmer, but if you’re uncomfortable in the deep end or can’t tread water for 20 minutes, find a different line of work. You need to be fairly decent. Start swimming laps now. Be able to demonstrate these strokes: Front crawl, Breaststroke, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke. 20 kids in my division went down to take the 2nd class swim qual in boot (which you’ll need to pass before you leave if you’re aircrew) and only 3 of us made it on the first try, which is funny because it’s relatively easy.

You don’t want to be based on planes near water? What do you think the Navy does? It’s a moot point anyways, because if you sign up to be a rescue swimmer, you’re going to be assigned to a helicopter squadron. That squadron will spend a lot of time around water so as to not waste your rescuing skills.

Yes, boot camp will get you in to shape, but you need to be in fairly decent shape before you ship. Find out what the physical requirements just for the basic physical readiness test are, and make sure you meet those before you ship out. Then, find out what the rescue swimmer physical standards are and use those as something to shoot for while you’re in boot camp. Remember, you’re going to have to do the same amount of push-ups/sit-ups/running/swimming time as the males. Boot will get you on a good fitness regimen, aircrew school will continue that, and rescue swimmer school is going to make you wish you were dead at points. The more ready you are the better.

Also, if you sign up to be a SAR swimmer and you wash out of rescue swimmer school, they’ll take away aircrew too, so if you dream is to fly on fixed wing aircraft, tell your recruiter you want to be aircrew without rescue swimmer. You can’t fail out of SAR school and ask them to get you into P-3s or C-130s. I know because this happened to me.

If you want to do this, get cracking now on the physical stuff. Good luck!


First off I just want to say going into the military with all these hopes is probably not the best mind set for somebody who has barely started the process. Now you have already made a appointment with the navy recruiter. This is good! Now I want you to go and call the other three branches and make an appointment with their recruiters. This is very important because they all have similar things to offer. If you were in the market for a car are you just going to go look at one car. No you might want to shop around a bit. Don’t loose track of who you really are. I am guessing by suttle hints in your question you are a female. You should find out what its like to be a female in the field you work in. I am not trying to be sexist ***. Sometime while I was in the military curtain members sometime male sometime female would be trained for a job doing something maybe like SAR, but when it really came down to it they ended working 3 1/2 years in the galley. Physicaly if you need to be overprepared. You betetr be a damn good swimmer! Question yourself could you right now jump in the water and save somebody. What is it going to take to get you to that point. When dealing with the recruiters play a little hard to get. If you are smart you will try to gain some rank some bonus money and maybe a college fund. Then again you stay in college pull a degree join the navy as an officer you can fly that search and rescue helicopter and call more of the shots. You needs to be in great mental and physical shape for that as well. Maybe you should change up your major. Look into everything! Don’t get tunnel vision because you woke up yesterday and thought it would be cool to be in the navy. It is going to be atleast a 4 to 5 year committment. Are you ready?

Search And Rescue Navy

Navy Search And Rescue

If you are talking about combat search and rescue, I am 99.9% positive it is a closed career field to females. I know for a fact that it is in the Air Force. I would make sure on this first. Also, search and rescue is one of the most physically demanding jobs out there. It is always the fat *** colonel that gets shot down for some reason….

Well, Search and Rescue is a Primary Mission of the United States Coast Guard, so I’d say before you commit, at least check it out.

All jobs in the Coast Guard are open to men and women, we do not restrict any rating based on gender. If you qualify and can do it, you can be it.

Have you seen the movie The Guardian? That is about Coast Guard AST (Aviation Survival Technician).…

To talk to your nearest recruiter, call 1 877 NOW-USCG.

just like he said it might be closed for females…..but in the navy with any kind of special operations job you have to sign on in a Traditional rating (i.e. gunners mate, culinary specialist, etc.) then pass the physical standards test for your job then you get re classed as a SAR diver or whatever spec ops job you chose.

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