Great Dane Puppies.?

Im looking for Great Dane Puppies Maine for $530 or under. Do you know where i could find any?

There are lots of Great Danes at rescues because people are often overwhelmed by the big dogs. I would look for a Great Dane rescue near you, you could save a life and find the dog of your dreams.

Not for that price if you want to buy from a responsible breeder.
I would suggest looking into rescue as well. There have been many Danes in area shelters here in Maine recently.

You need to be looking for a responsible who health tests, researchs pedigrees, breeds to standard, breeds for health, temperament and longevity.

I suggest attending the Pet Expo in Wilton, Maine on Nov. 3. They will be having a “meet the breed” at this event (as well as many other things).The meet the breed will give a brief history of the breed, pro’s/con’s of the breed, finding a responsible breeder, etc.

I also suggest getting the book The Great Dane, Model of Nobility by Jill Swedlow.

I definately second the posts that say do NOT go to Uncle Henry’s to buy a puppy!!! Also steer clear of newspaper adds..these are places where BYB sell their pups.Responsible breeders don’t advertise in these places.

Save a little while longer. A lot of what I see come into my rescue are from back yard breeders. I’ve seen a lot of genetic problems in the pups we have gotten.
Go look at the expensive breeders. They will sell their “pet quality” for a lot less. I have one. Pet quality usually means that the coloring is not quite right for showing. My Jacob needs to have about 1/2 inch more white on his face to be good for show. He is healthy and that is the most important thing. The only requirement was that he be neutered. I had no problem with honoring that one.

Cheap is NOT the way to go woth a giant breed!!!!

And stupid puppy-selling websites are not a good idea either!!!!!!!
I am talking about the one “Jessika” is quoting. CRAP. “Both parents are structurally sound”. That means they can walk and the “breeders” did not do OFA clearances on them because that would cut into the profits!!!!!!!!

PetFinder is a good place to look though.

Who buy puppies over the internet sight unseen???? Don’t you want to see where it comes from and the people who bred it???? They could be total dead-beats that keep the dogs in unsanitary conditions.

Uncle Henry’s is a lousy place to buy a dog from….no reputable breeder would put their pups in there, why? because that is where people go to get a cheap dog….results especially with a giant breed that has alot of health issues anyway….you’ll pay less now….
more for vet costs in the end

aww i was just looking for those too! look at , there are raelly cheap ones on there.. i just got a doberman pinscher puppy for $300, good luck

here i found something else…

AKC Great Dane Puppies. Harlequin, Black and Merles. Puppies have had First Vaccines, Deworming and have been treated for Fleas and Ticks. Puppies will be sold w/a contract and 2 yr. health guar. Both parents are structurally sound and have exc. temperments. Puppies are highly socialized and come w/a puppy kit. Ready to go to their new homes. $525 tax incl.. Licence #FV00022-Contact Information-N. Waterboro, ME…

closest puppies to maine…

Enter your own zip code to find puppies nearer to you.

puppy finder
local trader
local newspaper

type it in on google and your city/state

Go to Uncle Henry’s .com I’ve seen them in there before. Good Luck!

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