Fellow atheists: Are you skeptical of some so-called skeptics?

I havent got the energy either to trust or to be skeptical -pretty laid back unbeliever cant be bothered to get into discussions about belief or unbelief – I have never believed and I trust less and less each day and have found that to be enormously freeing – Dont trust and dont care.

Lauren is on the right track. Let me finish that thought with a punch line. 8 of 9 that answered the question, so far embrace the role of skeptic. There is nothing wrong with looking at things closely. But if you maintain an attitude of doubt, being a skeptic. You’ve shown us your cards. The game is over.
If you are by nature a doubting skeptic, there is no more to be said. You are a victim of your own extreme approach. You wouldn’t believe in God if he came to your house and asked you to believe in him. I hope that serves you well in life, I’m sure it won’t help beyond this life. But I guess you’ll have lots of time to prove that later.
Your question has shown a flaw in some people that will stand in their way for their whole life.
I wonder if God gives skeptics a break ? Any time you take something so far that it harms you, it is considered a mental health issue. I think all healthy people can be skeptical. But where is the line ? Do you trust people ? Can you trust people ? Is your skeptical nature standing in your way ?
I know that explains a lot to me.

Yes, I am. In my experience, the skeptical movement has been suffering from an infestation of libertarians. They hold on to an exceedingly poorly thought-out ideology that is grounded in privilege. They also tend towards subtle misogyny and racism that is rooted in their privilege. Their mindset seems to be “our ideas are unpopular, and we’re smart, so we must be onto something, and therefore we’re skeptics”. I’m skeptical of them because of a near-universal unwillingness to face criticism of their ideology, and a staunch refusal of the idea that they’ve benefited from any sort of privilege.

I’m certainly not painting all libertarians with the same brush, since there are parts of the ideology that are appealing, and I’ve met many intelligent libertarians. Many of those that are infesting the skeptical movement seem to combine an immature “I’m not more privileged than anyone else” and “the playing field is perfectly level” outlook with a “I got mine, so screw everyone else” attitude. I’m skeptical that these people are actually skeptics.

I’m skeptical of anyone starting a Post with “Fellow atheists”

Yeah. Some people call themselves skeptics as sort of a self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing thing. Like they wear the badges of atheism and skepticism as if they should be awarded some prize for how perfect they are. I see a lot of atheists basically bragging here about how they are so rational and they’ve never done anything stupid in their lives, etc. Well, I’m very skeptical of anyone who claims they never behave irrationally. People, as a rule, are irrational. If you aren’t irrational, you are Spock. Not a person.


I want to clarify my post. I’m an atheist and I consider myself a skeptic. I am not against people being skeptics. I was simply referring to those “skeptics” that are under the illusion that they are perfect, and many of them seem to think they are perfectly skeptical. It’s the danger of lacking the humility to recognize that we are all flawed. As humans, we have flaws. Our brains trick us all the time, and fully trusting our flawed minds as much as some so-called skeptics do would be a mistake.

Hard work and research is what distinguishes the skeptics from other Atheists.

Finding peer-review sources for claims as well as fact checking them and their credibility is hard work indeed.

Its very easy to just get intellectually lazy and accept something as fact, I take pride in not doing that, and if I ever did I would call myself out on it…

As a skeptic, I’m skeptical by nature. I’m not skeptical of skeptics BECAUSE they are skeptics, only if they make unfounded statements without evidentiary support.

Your redundancy implies we are skeptics fueled by obsessive compulsions.

I choose not to be cynical about that.

A little neurosis heightens a persons thirst for details,

something believers have thrown away unanimously.

Of course. Some people call themselves sceptics, but they believe weird things. Even something as common as a belief in a deity would make me highly sceptical. However, I know that I can’t conclude they aren’t sceptics, because even a sceptic can be lead to believe in something that outright false with an unlikely piece of evidence to the contrary.

@Dan: How does “jumping on the bandwagon” fail to make their scepticism real? And how can something centuries old be honestly called a bandwagon?

Yes, some seem to still hold belief in weird concepts like gawds, demons, ghosts, the afterlife…so, I don’t consider them skeptics.

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