Do you think it is possible for a Commoner to become King or Queen of England?

I say yes, my friend says no. what says you?

It depends on your definition of “commoner”. Currently, the #10 and 11 people in the line of succession (Peter and Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s children) are officially commoners, as they do not currently stand to inherit any titles. Of course, few people would really consider any grandchildren of the monarch to be true “commoners”.

Anyhow, there is no law stating that one must already be noble to inherit the throne – many, many people in the line of succession (see link below) who are not nobles, usually because they are descended from second sons or daughters and the titles never passed to their branches of the family. Since anyone who is a non-Catholic descendant of Sophia of Hanover is theoretically in line, the number of people who could be monarch numbers in the thousands and the aristocracy is simply not large enough to include everyone.

In the UK, succession of the Monarchy is governed by the “Act of Settlement (1701).” Succession to the throne passes to the descendants of Sophia of Hanover.

A common fallacy, is that a commoner is someone who is not part of the Royal Family, that is simply untrue.

So what is a Commoner under British Peerage? A commoner is someone who is not the Sovereign or a Peer. As such, some members of the Royal Family (including some in the line of succession) are in fact commoners.

An example of a Peer would be a Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount or Baron.

Prince Charles is also the Duke of Cornwall and as such he is a Peer, not a Commoner.

On the other hand, Prince William (2nd in line of secession) and Princess Anne (7th in line of succession) are in fact commoners. When the Queen dies and Prince Charles becomes King, Prince William automatically becomes the Duke of Cornwall being that he’s eldest son and therefore he becomes a Peer.

So could a Commoner become the King or Queen? Yes, if the Queen and Prince Charles were to die in some freak accident today and because Prince William would not have been elevated to the Duke Cornwall, Prince William would be a Commoner who would become King.

Likewise if something happened to the first 6 in the line of succession, Princess Anne would be a commoner who would become Queen.

The order of succession for the British throne is very clearly known and defined. See…

It’s a bit vague to me what you mean by a “Commoner”. Anyone who’s not a titled noble? In that case Peter Phillips at number 10 in line is in with a fighting chance, I guess. But all of the people on the list are descended from royalty somewhere along the line. The chances of anyone not on that list ever becoming Queen or King of Great Britain are exceedingly slim.

If a commoner (woman) is married to the King then she becomes Queen consort upon his ascension to the throne or therir marriage (whichever is later).

A commoner cannot become King or Queen regnant. There are non-titled commoners in the line of sucession but the closest to the Throne is tenth (Peter Philips -son of Princess Anne) unless you count Lady Louise Windsor (she’s technically a Princess but not titled as such – a Lady is technically a commoner).

The Princess Royal and Prince William are not commoners as they both have the title HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) indicating that they are Royalty.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was a commoner. So was Diana, Princess of Wales.

If you mean a King or a Queen Regnant, no, they must be descended from royalty. A Queen Consort or a Prince Consort could be a commoner.

your question will not allow you to be a king or queen, as it does not smell any royalty..

when you say Queen in her own right like the present Queen.. shows ,, you accept that queen hood or king hood comes by birth.. and not by action…

by look at all the Politicians ,,they are more than that retired occupants of Buckingham Palace…

they are the real Kings and queens …

a commoner can be queen and king but that Tag , ‘ Queen in her own right like the present Queen.” will not be there

Technically it is possible. The monarch rules at the pleasure of Parliament. Parliament overthrew the monarchy in a civil war that started in 1642 and ended with the beheading of Charles I in 1649. Oliver Cromwell, a commoner, was created Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. He was, on more than one occasion, offered the crown which he refused. Had he accepted, he would have become King although he probably would not have lasted long.

It is highly unlikely that similar circumstances could occur again but it is possible.

“Likewise if something happened to the first 6 in the line of succession, Princess Anne would be a commoner who would become Queen.”

The Princess Royal is ninth in line to the throne. Ahead of her are Charles and his two, Andrew and his two then Edward and his daughter.

The actual King of England is a Plantagent descendent, a commoner , and he lives in New South Wales, Australia

the reality, England already has a commoner for a King

no. to be a king or queen in your own right you have to be born into the royal family. a commoner is not born into the royal family. they can marry in and become queen that way though.

A commoner by definition could not be King or a Queen Regnant. One could, however, be Queen Consort, just as Diana would have, had she lived and remained married to the loathsome Prince Charles, assuming QE2 does not outlive him, or that he does the right thing and abdicates in favor of his eldest son.

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