Do any vegans/vegetarians eat fast food?

I went to wendy’s and bought a plain baked potato,but when I got it,it looked like it was genetically motified and ****.The skin of the potato looked like paper.I ended up not eating it.

Yep, I know what you mean! The potatoes are the same at Bob Evans. I don’t eat out at many places because they are so dirty and the employees are so rude. I seem to always get these people that sit down in the booth beside you and say “Hey how we doin tonight”? I didn’t come there to have them cop a squat! The fast food places all have meat and you can’t get a good salad that isn’t made without iceburg lettuce and if you do the lettuce is wilted .At least you can buy a bottle of water .

The baked potatoes spend all day in the steamer to keep warm and are going to look sad. I don’t think it has anything to do with genetic engineering. I go to Subway and have veggie delight. When I’m at home I generally eat vegan, but out in the world I find it’s hard to get tofu/hummus/veggie burgers. I find it acceptable to take in some cheese and mayo when dining out. It’s gross, but the alternative is to live on peanuts.

There are some fast food chains that serve up very nutritious, fresh salads without all the garbage associated with a “hurry-up” meal; I really think that salads are the best way to go when eating at a fast food restaurant. Occassionally, especially in the summer, I’ve found some places with very high quality fruit salads, too.

You can’t expect too much from those places – I actually just got the same thing a week ago (baked potato at Wendy’s) and my expectations were so low that it actually tasted good!

yes many vegetarians eat fast food because many places such as mc donalds and wendys are now trying to find healthier foods for people who prefer to eat meat. you can always order a salad if thats only a little bit of meat in so yes some veg… do eat meat but not alot.

Some Subway restaurants have a veggie patty. They are very good. Sometimes I’ll eat fries from a fast food joint.

I find it difficult because a lot of fast food is fried in animal fat.
Which is just gross.
And their “healthier” options aren’t that appetizing, since I can find much nicer salads with better sources of protein elsewhere, like Whole Foods.

i’m a vegetarian and the only fast food i ever eat is pizza (not very often either)…
not only am i disgusted by eating any kind of meat and the cruelty that goes along with it, fast food is also horrible for you and i’ve seen the results of frequent fast food eating myself. good for you for deciding not to eat it =)

Don’t bet on the salads being nutritious. Anyone ever watch SuperSize me? Even the salads are loaded with sugar and highly processed.

Taco Bell bean burritos

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