Describe something you could never ever ever forgive?

I can honestly say I have never, ever, ever forgiven the scum who stabbed my son.
I’m usually a laid back, easy going person but the hatred I feel still overwhelms me sometimes. Can be scary, I’m waiting for counselling. We can’t go on living like this, my son will never be the same again..
Please excuse the rant
Edit: aaj, I hope it never happens to someone you love. The feelings are natural and totally gut wrenching. I’m sure I would have written the same as you 18 months ago.

It is suprising I have just thought about it for a good few minutes looked at the other answers, and realised there is nothing that I couldn`t forgive [ever] given knowledge, understanding, and the passage of time. I suppose the hardest to forgive is a calculated act of cruelty, which may result in physical and/or emotional pain, to me or my family. A callous and random act of gratutuitous physical or emotional violence is up there with it.
I am sure that people who have young ones, or old people who have suffered in such a way must have this dillemma,if they are thinking and balanced individuals.
Lack of forgiveness, and hatred is an emotional acid which eats and corrodes the soul. Best avoided!
Pip Pip!

I’m sure that God will forgive you. We are all human, we all have sins, mistakes and temptations are part of our everyday life. Jesus has shown forgiveness and mercy throughout stories in the bible, such as the samaritan women, she had been divorced 5 times and was an enemy of the jews but she was accepted into the kingdom of Heaven, as well as the Roman Official who’s son was dying, but was saved and risen up again and who later became a believer along with his entire household. Or Nicodemus the Priest, who although was a pharisee, confronted Jesus of how to enter Heaven and became a believer, and who helped bury Jesus after he was killed. God accepts those who believe, just as you do.

My dad being resuscitated only to wake up needing daily dialysis – he survived 12 months with limited dignity, privacy and choices. They should have let him go when he was ready. 10 years on and I still can’t forgive – or forget

I’ll never forgive or forget the B*****D that raped me at the age of 10. God may but I won’t~

if someone came and shot every one you love and try to kill you but you escape and later you want revenge but the guys all like “oh no plz forgive me it was an accident” or some shhit like that.


Harm to family or friends

Someone knowing what the are about to do will hurt you but they still do it and have the nerve to say “im sorry”

Friends or family being hurt.

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