Christians, why are you guys so defensive when somone questions the credibility of your religion?

If christianity dares to proclaim that it is the sole truth, it must be able to stand the test of any critical analysis and time. But, obviously, there’ve been so many people disatissfied by the answers given. So, does the defensive manner mean to “protect” one’s religion or Ego? Again, one…

All they lack is………… EVIDENCE.

Christianity and the Bible have withstood the test of time and critical analysis for the last 2000 years. How much more proof do you need? Christianity is the anvil that has worn out the hammers of critical analysis, critics, detractors and blatant enemies. Christianity has defied and withstood inquisitions, kings, queens, Popes, dictators, wars and Satanic attacks. Christianity has come through all of this bruised but undefeated. Here the Christian anvil stands, waiting the for the next ineffectual hammer to strike. It has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so because Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of His Church, much to the dismay of it’s many enemies.

I don’t take offense to asking. I find it a challenge to defend what I believe. It has and will continue to stand the test of critical analysis and time.

The fact is Christians have been purposefully deluded by their leaders with a bunch of childish, simplistic interpretations of a collection of ancient paganistic tales of astronomy, astrology, and psychedelic enlightenment through psychedelic plants/drugs. They don’t have the knowledge/gnosis to understand their own religion… they’ve been brainwashed.

God is God and we can not change who he is. Why are you offended that God chooses to be called Jesus Christ and do all things by him?
I have not made that up it is there written for all to study, but because all who fear that they may find truth in the Word of God they bash it without investigating it for themselves. This is you.

it’s not just Christians, dude. everybody does that at some point, Christians, Jewz, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists…even outside of a religious context people do that.

people who are defencive of questions about their religion just dont know their religion very well.

i was like this. but then i actually got to know more about why i am a Christian/Catholic and why i love God. And when people ask me questions i dont know the answer too, i just say “i dotn know but i’ll get back to you on that” and look it up.

hope this helps!

Most Christians do not understand Jesus, nor His Teachings. The “church” is not about having you Become Like Him, they’re are about having you come to their church. If people Becamne Like Jesus, they would have no need for the Church, just God.

Atheist are very defensive too, as they have no evidence for their beliefs.

Your question is one extensive lie. Either that, or I respectfully submit to you that you are ignorant of the contents of the Bibe.

Some are, some aren’t. I guess it all depends on the strength of their belief and on the enquirers attitude.

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