Christians what proof you have that Christianity is right and Islam wrong religion?

I mean I hear Christians all the time accusing others of being false and they original religion…what proof you have to back that up… you must have something to make me believe that you original religion …your personal feelings do not count….I am talking about religion ,for me you are all the same

They are all the same.
If any one of them had any shred of actual proof, all of the other ones would cease to exist.
But because no is really sure, there are tons of religions.
Even Christianity by itself has 10s of thousands of denominations because they can’t even decide amongst themselves how to worship god.

It is a very common and logical phenomenon, followers of a certain religion saying that theirs is the true religion. I mean, if you’re not so sure about your religion being the ‘original’ one, then you wouldn’t be following it in the first place.

The thing is, ‘proofs’ differ for every one. This is why there are so many religions. Some people believe in this proof, some in that. Christians themselves all have their different reasons and proofs why they follow Christ.

So it’s quite difficult to answer this question, especially since it concerns the defamation of another religion. Instead, if you sincerely want to find out, why not see what both sides are all about, and decide for yourself what Christians would use as ‘proof’ that Christianity is right and Islam wrong?

If you only wanted to challenge the Christians then any ‘proof’ provided would have been futile anyway. 🙂

They can’t prove either wrong nor right it’s ignorance on their part to behave the way they do it’s not only Islam… they assume every other religion is wrong there are too many religions in the world to count yet apparently only one of them is the right one despite the fact that no one can prove anything and we know just as much as anyone els about the afterlife basically nothing…

It all started with Abraham and Sarah, receiving the promise of God, that they would have a son in their old age. The promise took a long time to fulfill, and in their impatience, Sarah gave her maidservant, Hagar to Abraham. She bore a son, Ishmael. Finally, barren Sarah miraculously conceived the promised child, Isaac. So it was fulfilled that Abraham became the father of many nations, as God had told him. The sons of Ishmael became the Arab state in particular and Islam in general, while Isaac’s descendents brought forth the promised Messiah. (Genesis 26:2-5) Today, we see Christianity (new covenant) as the fulfillment of Judaism (old covenant).

the practice of faith may be different but Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray to the same God. There is a relationship between these 3 religions.

Really coz I know that the muslims are a pro at that. Here’s a link to najia’s profile who condemns Christianity:;_ylt…

Here is a link to what she actually says…

Like her there are n number of muslims who accuse EVERY faith of being false. “IF” Christians or people of any other faith do “accuse” islam of being a false cult it’s only because muslims have earned it. I know you are trying to stir the pot which shows your own insecurities.

@ lily: Mohammad’s name was Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim.” So, show us where in the Bible this name is mentioned.

Two solid proofs are there.
1. Bible and Koran. Read both you will find that Koran is a product of plagiarism.
2. Life styles of Jesus and Mohammad. Jesus was sinless and merciful while Mohammad was sinful and violent.

Which religion has its founder rising from the dead and appearing to over 300 people?

Just read the history of the start of Islam , and see how it was forced onto people by Muhammered, with the bloody sword and his gang.

Theists, what proof do you have that your religion is true and, not say, the Greek Gods?

The greeks took their god very seriously, and also killed Socrates for him not believing in the gods that created him!

Well, I am sorry you think that. I must admit, without the Holy Spirit’s revealing it to you, the Bible makes no sense. I can not do it, it must be God’s work in you that does it. I pray that you will come to know the forgiveness and grace of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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