Can you use the Wii with mobile broadband (dongle) or do you need a home hub?

Looking for best internet package and looks like mobile *(virgin dongle) is the cheapest

you can use a genuine nintendo usb dongle or wifi. other dongles need drivers installed.

The dongle is an expensive way to get the internet especially if you are medium to heavy user….Also the speeds you get from mobile broadband aren’t really that good..Home broadband will probably cost you in the region of £30 per month , that’s including your line rental , so you should see how many GB you get for that with mobile broadband …

I have not heard of anyone who has been able to do this up to now. This is due to the fact that the mobile broadband dongles require extra software to be installed on your network device. You can install software on a Windows PC or a MAC, but not on a Wii.

The site is great for finding things cheap in the UK and has a link for cheap broadband:



I don’t think you can, just buy a wireless router that’s the easiest way to do it and there quite cheap too

you can use both

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