Can you physically tell the difference between a Jewish American woman from a White American woman?

There are certain traits that are common for Jewish people to have like dark curly hair, dark skin, distinctive noses, etc… however not all Jewish people have those characteristics. It’s just like in Africa, not everyone has dark skin. A friend of mine was born and raised in Africa, so were her parents, but she is tall, thin, blonde, blue eyes. But when asked on her application what she is, she can say “African-American” because she is an immigrant from Africa, even though it often starts a huge debate and argument because her skin is not black.

I don’t think it really matters one way or another if an American girl is of Jewish heritage or not. If you are born in America… you’re American… and not all people of Jewish ancestry practice the religion.

So, the answer is, you probably can tell.. most of the time… but why should it matter? There really is no difference. People are people.

I can see women that look like the stereotypical Jewish woman I have been taught from birth.

But, that does not mean the woman is Jewish. There are also Jewish women who look nothing like the stereotype.

So, if you generalize, sometimes you will guess correct that a person is Jewish but other times you will be wrong.

What about an american white jewish woman? Judaism is a religion, not a race. Of course you can’t tell the difference physically.

Judaism is not a race, it is a belief system, a cultural heritage. ANYONE can be Jewish, just as anyone could be a Republican or a vegetarian.

But Jews of deep roots in the US (I mean who spring from a family going way back) are of two varieties–Sfardic and Ashkenaz. Sfardic Jews are from Palestine and are Semetic–olive skin, black hair, big nose, like Arabs. Ashkenaz are eastern-European, and they look like any other Europeans.

My people are from Ukraine and Hungary. And I defy you to pick me out of a lineup as the Jewish guy.

As for Jewish women, well I’ll get some nasty mail for saying this but you’d want me to be honest, wouldn’t you? Jewish women are spoiled and bossy. They talk louder than other women, and if they don’t get their way in an argument they scream and yell and go ballistic. It’s a cultural thing, not racial.

i assume it relies upon on how long the White American’s and the Austrian American’s households have been here because of the fact I even have observed that Europeans frequently have greater defined good factors than White individuals and that i’ve got self assurance that it has to do with some racial mixing of White individuals. comparable frequently is going for Black individuals and Africans.

Technically, Jewish people are White.

I’m Jewish and I am white. My cousins are blond with blue eyes. I have a friend who is a redhead with green eyes and freckles. A couple in our synagogue is black. I used to work with a Japanese woman who converted to Judaism.

This kind of question is just nonsense.

I don’t want to be rude or offend anyone but the lady with Jewish blood may have a larger nose. I am not Jewish but on thinking about it, I have nerver seen one with blue eyes. Maybe someone who is better informed could answer this…..

Depends. Is she Jewish by faith or by blood. If she is by faith then you’re like to catch a glimse of a star of david or other jewish symbol on her neck. If she is by blood then the only way of knowing is if she tells you.

Jewish women may be brunette or dark-haired. Not sure what other features define Jewish…..keep in mind that Jews originate from many European, Middle-Eastern and even Asian countries.

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