Can my child have American citizenship? I’m Canadian, spouse is American living in Canada?

I’m Canadian, my spouse is American with Canadian Resident. We are not married, just common-law. We have a 14 months old. How easy is it for her to get American citizenship? You help is much appreciated. Thanks!

The US parent must have lived in the US at least 5 years and 2 of those years must have been after the age of 14.

The American parent needs to go to any US consulate, or the US embassy in Ottawa, and file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. Take the child’s birth certificate and the American parent’s US passport. Take 2 passport pictures of the child too.

In about a month the child will be issued a US passport, US Social Security card, birth certificate and certificate of US citizenship.

When we registered our kids (born in Canada of US cit. parents) we needed to provide a list of when we had both been out of the US, our birth certificates and the kids birth certificates. It’s easy, it’s just paperwork and of course there are some fees involved.

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May already be a citizen. Check at What Yak is saying is what you do if the child is a citizen. It will depend on if the US citizen parent resided here for a while after their 14th birthday.

Yes, just go to the nearest US Embassy and apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. This website will tell you what to do and what documentation you will need. I had to do this exact same thing for my son.

It is very easy. Check on the following website for more accurate information.

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Anyhow, your spouse would have to apply for a US passport for your child. You are not able to do it. The child may also be eligible for dual citizenship.

I believe “yak ri…” has answered your question for you.

Good luck!!

it shouldnt be hard i dnt thnk..jus go 2 da american embassy in canada and get more info but it shudnt be hard…bkus i am american citizen born and raised but i a mexican citizen as well bkus as a kid ma parents made me a mexican citizen as well

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