Books with gay characters in them?

Hi. I’m going on a trip soon, and I wanted something to ride while at the airport and on the carride home. I really would love to read something with a gay character or, even better, a gay couple in the book. Weirdly enough, I rather the characters/couple be more of a side/background character, since I’m…

“The Book of Lost Things”! It’s a great book and has gay secondary characters that show up somewhere in the middle. It’s about a boy who travels to a fairy tale world, and sees characters like Snow White–but it’s an adult novel. Snow White, for example, is not what you might expect.

There are gay side characters in “The Amber Spyglass,” but that’s the last book in a trilogy (the “His Dark Materials trilogy,” the first book is “The Golden Compass”). The trilogy is about a world in which people have spirits that live outside their bodies in the shapes of animals.

One of the main characters (or you could call him a strong secondary character) in “The Magicians” is gay and awesome. It’s essentially Harry Potter at age 18, with lots of sex, drugs, and alcohol.

And of course there’s “Harry Potter”–since Dumbledore is gay, but that’s never directly stated in any of the books. It is highly implied in the last book, though, and the author confirmed that he was gay.

Books With Gay Characters

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

One of the best books I’ve ever read, if not the greatest. Has 2 gay characters in them. The book is also about growing up in high school, music, drugs, and it’s just amazing. They are making it into a movie so read the book while you still can so you don’t seem like you’re jumping on the bandwagon when everyone starts liking it.

I third The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a good novel.

There’s also What We Remember by Michael Thomas Ford. It’s about a family who lost their husband/father, and the body is found…ten years later? Something like that. The family tries to find out who murdered him. It’s sort of like a Cold Case mystery. One of the sons is gay. He doesn’t get a lover, but there are a couple sex scenes.

That’s all I can remember as far as books that have secondary gay characters. For protagonists, there is Boy Meets Boy.

If you can check something out of the library for that period of time, you could search “gay” on their online catalog and see what comes up. It might give you more options.

If you like Black fiction, then all of E. Lynn Harris’ books have gay characters. There is also a book I read about lesbian vampires called “Every Dark Desire.”

The perks of being a wallflower
Amazing book and it has a gay couple who are in the background. They have like one main chapter based on them and then just little scenes with them in it 🙂

It’s a vampire series called House of the (or a can’t remember) Novel. It’s extremely interesting. (: The gay guys in it are close, lovable, and awesome.

Son of a witch by gregory mcguire. =] its really good.


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