Attention Muslims!!?

There are some people trying to put a bad name to Islam. They challenging muslims but try not to read those things.
Also, although i know you’ll want to defend Islam, but unfortunately some people will never learn and are trying to see what you’ll respond to things so they can “take notes” to…

Personally i am a christian and i don’t understand why the Muslims get such a bad rap just because the actions of a few. Wasn’t it not the Christians that killed hundreds of thousands of people during the crusades or slaughtered the American Indians in the name of Christianity? Seems to me the extreme Muslims may have a long way to go to catch up to the number of people that have been killed in the name of Christianity.

Hey Mark, those who fought in the crusades were not Christians. If they were Christians they wouldn’t have done the evil that they did. Just like the terrorists that claim to be Muslim. They are not true Muslims if they wish evil on fellow human beings, regardless of religion. Everyone that answered this question, and the questioner should read this book….

Jesus and Muhammad (profound differences and surprising similarities) by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD

Even the Quran tells of Jesus performing miracles, but no miracles were performed by Muhammad. If you are a true Muslim who reads the Quran than you should know this already and be questioning your thoughts on Islam.

P.s. this is not my opinion, but a fact written in the book you abide by!

I’d listen if you could present a defense or argument for Islam that actually had some merit,

Ever taken any classes in logic? Debate team? Do you know how to present a thesis and then make and present arguments for it? Do you know how to engage in dialogue and actually address criticisms and flaws in your arguments?

Didn’t think so. And until you can apply a little logic and critical thought, nobody will take you seriously but simply dismiss you as another religious loony.

This is why I have a bad taste in my mouth about Islam,…

and this,…

and this,…

The truth sets people free like these 1.5 million Muslims that turned awway from Islam to Jesus as The Way and The Truth and The Life!!

Check for yourself!

Might those people be the ones who oppress and murder innocent women? Or become suicide bombers or terrorists? Not singling out Islam, because ALL religions encourage muder and hate. But Islam seems to lead the way in those categories.

I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s a beautiful religion but like all religions a few (well, it seems like more than a few) bad people are spoiling the perception of Muslim for the rest of you. Watching the news and hearing about car bombs every night is not peaceful!

Al-Salam Alikom
God bless you sister.
I know that Islam is the most beautiful religion, but I can’t help it when I see ignorant people calling Allah(SWT) or Muhammad (PBUH) bad names. I know they’re wrong and I’m not, but they just make me angry. Anyway, I’ll try to ignore people like them as much as I can.
Thank You and All parise to Allah.

Bad name????? what do you expect when hatred is preached throughout the Muslim world ? Suicide is encouraged, murder of infidals is encouraged. You think people are putting a bad name on Islam ??? What do you want ? Do you want everyone else to admire the car-bombers killing crowds of people going into the mosques? Killing themselves, just so they could kill a few of their own people?? Some religion!!

I am a proud American. I believe that all are entitled to their choice of whatever religion they choose. We are a free nation who wants all countries to have that freedom of choice. It is terrible that there are human beings of all different races and beliefs that feel they have to kill those who are truly trying to defend other’s rights to have that freedom of choice. A lot of terrorist’s actions are in the name of “Allah?” Do you believe that your creator wanted us to kill each other for Allah’s sake? I think not. The USA is only trying to ensure freedom of the choice to believe as each individual sees fit. We feel that all people in all countries should be free to believe in whomever they freely choose to believe in without being blown up or gunned down. There are plenty of Muslims and Islamic people here who don’t get blown up because of the freedom in this country. Would you like to be able to choose your own belief system? Of course! We don’t appreciate the killing of thousands of people because they want to hold different beliefs. I don’t believe Allah appreciates it either. And us Americans took a heavy hit on 9/11. All because of a bunch of extremists who will do anything to keep a nation of people under rule under the guise of “Allah?”

“When you embrace Islam, from what to wear to what to eat, from how to run the government to toilet manners are already decided for you. Today, I see the decline of islam. People are finally relaizing that Mohammad was a fraud and they don’t have to believe a fraud anymore.” – Ali Sina

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